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Apollo ENT Center

The ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) Center at the Apollo Hospital offers a complete range of speciality treatment for Ear, Nose and Throat conditions. Fully equipped with state-of-the art equipment and staffed by an excellent team of leading specialists and support staff, the ENT department at the Apollo Hospital is known for its treatment standards and success rate.

(In US $)
Twin Sharing
(In US $)
1) Stapedectomy 2 Days 3000 2300
2) Tympanoplasty 2 Days 3000 2300
3) Ossiculoplasty 2 Days 2600 2100
4) Micro Laryngeal Surgery
5) Laryngectomy with Block dissections of the neck 5 Days 5000 3700
6) Adult Tonsillectomy 2 Days 2800 2300
7) FESS 2 Days 3200 2500

Cost of Cochlear Implant

Implant Unilateral (3 Days Package) Bilateral (5 Days Package)
Single Room (USD) Double Room (USD) Single Room (USD) Double Room (USD)
Hi Res 90 K Boinics Ear Hi Focus 1j 29,800 29,000 58,900 56,400
Hi Res 90 K Boinics Ear Hi Focus with Auria speech processor 20116 19,200 38,700 37,100
Nucleus Freedom Contour Advanced 31,750 30,800 61,950 60,350


  1. The above packages are inclusive of Post Op switch on of implant and Re-Hab for upto 4 weeks
  2. If the patient desires to stay in the city for complete rehab, he'll be charged additionally @ usd 120. 5000 per 4 weeks upto the maximum of Usd 240 for 8 weeks
  3. Post op stay in city/hospital over mentioned no. of days (3 or 5) is additional

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