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Medical Tourism Client Commendations


The feedback of some our esteemed clients, who have traveled with us on tours to India, is given below:

Guest Name: MRS. JESSICA EBIAREDE UKPOSI - IHMED / 11 – 12 / 35

I express my appreciation and thank to Medi Connect team for making life joyous for me and my entire family again. There are simply not enough words to express the joy we feel. I can recall that Medi Connect came to my aid at the time I had lost all hope as I had tried several others but failed. I was broken, depressed and hopeless. Then, I stumbled unto your website and faithlessly filled the medical query on the 20th of October and in less than 5 minutes on submission, my phone rang and life came back to me. I do not know how to qualify the joy.
After that, I send my son's medical reports and was further amazed on receipt the following day, 8:18am, acknowledging receipt and the fact that my report had been forwarded to the most renowned ophthalmologists at various specialist hospitals in India for medical opinions. Between the 22nd and the 1st of November, I had received medical Evaluation/procedure from 5 hospitals. All the hospitals suggested same procedure for my son, there was no conflict, and all contained the fees and length of stay. I had multiple choice as to where, when and whom I wanted to carryout the treatment with, all this in place planning for the journey was made easy.
We are grateful to Medi Connect for securing us a wonderful hotel accommodation during our post hospital stay in India. You made life there as easy for us as you did not fail to furnish us with any important information such as documents required at various stages of our visit. Through Medi Connect India, Visa application process was made so easy for me as by your effort I received visa assistant letter and also booked my appointment with the doctor in India.
For me, it is Medi Connect India anytime, anywhere, and I also commend to all my friends. You are simply a family away from home. We were fully equipped because of your outstanding job.

Thanks so much.

Guest Name: Mr. ADEJAYAN ORIOLA - IHMED / 12-01/48

The medical travel professionals were able to give adequate information and assistance and also generate our confidence regarding medical and travel arrangements. The transfer representative was efficient in performing their duty; also the driver was helpful, punctual and courteous. The hospital staffs were also courteous and nursing services was also good. The Hospital should keep up their standard.
The services provided by Medi Connect India were perfectly OK. Ms. Shalini Sharma provided full assistance during our stay in India.

Guest Name:Mr. Dominic Edet Okon - IHMED/ 12-01/47

The medical professionals gave adequate information and assistance also the transfer representative was efficient in performing his duties. The driver was very helpful, punctual and courteous. The Hotel staff was very friendly and always eager to assist. Hospital staff was very courteous and the doctors were very dedicated towards their work; also the nurses were always prompt to their duties. Hospital ambience is excellent.
The services provided by Medi Connect India were good and Ms. Shalini Sharma gave immense assistance to us during our stay in India. The services were satisfactory.

Guest Name:Mrs. Yalwa Hajara Habib - IHMED/ 12–01/50

The medical professionals, particularly Ms. Shalini Sharma gave adequate information's and assistance for our all medical and travel related arrangements. The Hotel in which we stayed was fantastic and very satisfying. Hospital staffs were very polite and friendly. Dr. N. Somasekhar and his team are wonderful, and I really appreciate for their services, also nurses were very nice, polite, friendly and were always there to assist us. Hospital ambience is quite relaxing and good.
The services provided by Medi Connect India were satisfying and Ms. Shalini Sharma who organized and executes our medical trip is very dedicated and makes our trip very successful, we appreciate and thanks her so much. May God Bless Her.

Guest Name: Ms. Somtochukwu Uche Okpala - IHMED/ 11 – 06 / 13
Country: Nigeria

The medical professionals were very much able to give adequate information. The transfer representatives were very efficient & the driver is very helpful, always punctual & courteous. The hotel is very good & comfortable hotel just like a home. I really enjoyed my stay there while I was in India. The hospital staffs were courteous and I really appreciate their hospitality. The doctors that attended to me were indeed nice & explained everything I needed to know politely. I was really impressed. The nursing services were quite impressive and the best nursing service I have ever had I my life. The ambience of the hospital is excellent. The medical tourism teams were so hospitable & always there to talk to us politely & hear what we had to say when the problem arises. Ms Bhavana was always keeping in touch with us & came to hospital to know how we were doing and she ensured we got a very comfortable hotel after we were discharges and ensured we were transported to the airport before we left. Your services were excellent.

Guest Name: Mr. Alhaji Ibrahim Sambo - IHMED/ 11 – 08 / 26
Country: Nigeria

The medical professionals were able to give adequate information. The transfer representatives were very efficient & the driver is very helpful. The hotel is commendable. The hospital staff was courteous; doctor is hardworking & well professional. The nursing staffs were highly impressive. The medical tourism teams have performed as expected. I there fore, commended them for that. Honestly, the services provided to us are courteous. I have no obstacles. Keep it up. I strongly recommend this team as you are of helpful to the patient.

Guest Name: Dr. Sharfuddeen Abbas Mashi - IHMED/ 11-07/20
Country: Nigeria
The medical travel professional made wonderful medical & travel arrangements. The transfer representative is very efficient in performing the duties and was helpful, punctual & courteous. The doctors are very efficient and professional. The hospital staff and nursing services were very good. The hospital ambience is very conclusive. The medical tourism team is very good and efficient, they should keep it up. The team is real and wonderful. I will particularly mention Mrs. Samridhi S Chodha and Ms. Shalini Sharma, they have been great assistance to me. I recommend that you keep it up. You are doing just great.

Guest Name: Dr. Nasiru Abdulla Ismail - IHMED/ 11–08/23
Country: Nigeria
The medical travel professional were very competent and have given adequate information. The transfer representatives were very efficient in performing their duties and the driver is very helpful and punctual. The hotel is stayed is very satisfactory. The hospital staff was courteous, doctor there are efficient and experience. The nursing staff were fantastic and the ambience of the hospital in conductive. The medical tourism team is highly impressive, I will particularly mention about Bhavana who is caring and concerning.

Guest Name: Dr. Abbas Bashir - IHMED/ 11-06/12
The medical travel professionals were able to give adequate information and assistance. The transfer representative was very efficient and well on time also the driver was punctual and courteous. The hotel that we stayed was very convenient, comfortable and affordable. The hospital staff was very friendly. The doctor is excellent, amiable, cautious, friendly, and supportive. The nursing services are excellent. The nurses are polite, hard working, punctual and accommodating. Ambience of the hospital is the one quality that distinguishes the hospital. I observed that the Medical Tourism team enjoys the benefit of an experienced leadership. They discharge responsibilities to me and my family on medical Visit to our satisfaction. They made my Visa process easy, helped in developing a workable budget for my trip, and my arrival and setting in Delhi stress free. I started preparation for my Medical trip to India through a similar but different Tour Company I India (Name withheld) lost confidence in the way my travel was being handled. I found Ihpl- Mediconnect through Internet search and since then I felt confident. In my opinion the Medi-connect Team is quite dependable. Their patience, dedication, tenacity in pursuing their goals, team-work and general friendliness to their clients is the driving force for their success. Ms. Samridhi Chodha is a great mind and the captain motivating others to excellence. Ms. Shalini Sharma and Ms. Bhavana are excellent team-players. Ihpl- Medi Connect India should be able to advertise its services aggressively in Nigeria where I believe there are quite a sizable number of potential clients who either have no access to the Internet or are completely ignorant of availability of this type of service or both.

Guest Name: Ms. Nike Adedunmola Okoronkwo - IHMED/ 11-07/16
Country: Nigeria
The hotel we stayed there is very ok. The hotel checks in/ checks out trouble free. The work of the hotel staff is very friendly. The guide was quite helpful and had good knowledge of the history of India. The transport service of the trip is ok and the behavior of the driver is nice. The fairly justify our expectation. The most interesting and memorable part in this trip was Red Fort. There is no recommendation, but love to visit India again.

Guest Name: Mr. Daniel Abazie - IHMED/ 11-05/09
Country: Nigeria
The medical travel professionals were able to give us adequate information and they were quite proficient. The hotel is quite good, sufficiently staffed and well maintained. The hospital staffs were very courteous. The doctor was confident in his skills and that was encouraging. The nursing services requires some improvement, the nurses are nice and warm. The Medical Tourism Team provides an unforgettable experience that helps minimise the discomfort of illness on the patient. Miss Shalini was particularly helpful in the exercise.

Guest Name: Mr. Ajatta Joseph - IHMED/11-04/01
Country: Nigeria
Medical travel professional have given us adequate information and assistance and we had confidence in their plans. The transfer representative was efficient in performing his duties. The driver was very helpful, punctual & courteous. The hotel made good arrangement for our stay and very helpful when we require anything.

The hospital staffs were very courteous. The nursing services were very good. The ambience of the hospital was also very good. Regarding the medical team, I will say that you have done very well especially Mrs. Samridhi who co-ordinate from the beginning to the end. The team have done a very professional work.

Guest Name:Mr. Rustin Ikenna Ojijiagwo - IHMED/10-11/29
Country: Nigeria
The medical travel professions were able to give adequate information and assistance. The hospital staff was very much courteous. The doctors were very efficient and the nursing services were very good. The hospital ambience was lot better than what we can achieve in Nigeria. Bhavana and Shalini from Medical department were most helpful and I am grateful to them. I want to make recommendations that please make your services better known in Nigeria a lot of people are in need of the kind of help and assistance that I received.

Guest Name:Mr. Daniel Abazie
Country: Nigeria
The replies from the hospital were informative. The medical team is quite efficient and I found their prompt responses to my enquiries which were very satisfactory. The quality of your medical tourism services is excellent, my initial contacts with Samridhi S. Chodha was quite reassuring, and the follow up by Shalini Sharma surpassed my expectations in terms of promptness of response. These two team members supplied me with about ten different specialist medical evaluations of my son's case within a short space of time, thus enabling me to make a timely decision.

Guest Name: Mr. Olusoga Adebiyi Awobajo - IHMED/ 10-10/ 27
Country: Nigeria
  1. Yes, the medical travel professional were able to give me adequate information.
  2. The transfer representatives were efficient in performing their duties.
  3. The behavior of the driver was helpful and punctual.
  4. The hospital staff was very courteous.
  5. The medical team doing their work very professionally, especially Ms. Shalini & Mrs. Samridhi.

Guest Name: Mrs. Ruth Fredrick, - IHMED/1008/20
Country: Nigeria
  1. The medical professionals were impressive, things were done accordingly.
  2. The representative came for the transfer was very respective.
  3. The hospital staff was very systemizes.
  4. The nursing staff was very wonderful.
  5. No suggestions for the hospital, they have complete hands.
  6. I am impressed with Medi Connect India. They are well organized and respectful.
  7. I would recommend my friends, co-workers to come to India through Medi Connect India.

Guest Name:Mrs. Ezioma Ogbuaki, - IHMED/10-04/02
Country: Nigeria

1.  The medical travel professionals were able to give me adequate information.
2.  The transfer representatives were efficient in performing their duty.
3.  The behavior of the driver was helpful, punctual and courteous.
4.  The staff of the hotel was very good. They stayed warm and courteous.
5.  Yes the hospitals staff was very friendly and accommodating.
6.  The impression about the doctor was competent and assuring.
7.  The impression about the nursing staff was warm and competent.
8.  The ambience about the hospital was professional.
9.  The medical team responded to our queries promptly and provided documents required for Visa processing quickly.
10.  Medi Connect India’s staff is competent and responsive. They responded to our mails quickly. I must commend Shalini who patiently responded to our countless mails and enquiries.

Guest Name: MRS. BASANTI BURMAN - IHMED/10-03/64
Country: INDIA

1.  I am very satisfied with all the arrangement made. Everything was taken care of.
2.  HOTEL: Yes the reservation made before my arrival.
3.  HOSPITAL ASSISTANCE: Yes the hospital assiatance was very excellent.

Shalini was very helpful and was always available on mobile whenever i needed any assistance.
I have no complaints and am quite happy with the services received from delhi office.
I had mostly interacted with Shalini and she was always there whenever needed . I really appreciate her help in everything.

Guest Name: MR. THOKWA PAT RICK MASOBE - IH/MED/10-05/06

1.  Yes e- mail communication was very good & professional.
2.  Yes all reservation made before my arrival.
3.  Yes the transfer representative were efficient in performing there duty.
4.  Car was comfertable.
5.  The driver Mr. SUDAMA SINGH was professional.
6.  DR. BUCKSHEY & staff were excellent and highly recommended.

Impressed with service by Shalini sharma even before i got to delhi. Tour guide was good, friendly and knowledgeable.

Guest Name: Ms. Yuri Habino - IHMED/10-03/65)
Country: Japan

1.  Comment on Medical tourism :- After hearing lot of things about surrogacy. I gain more knowledge for my research from Mrs. Samridhi S. Chodha.
2.  Mrs. Samridhi S. Chodha attended me very nicely and I understand everything she explained to me. I am happy that I could come here to meet personally. Thank you very much.

Guest Name: DR. Vicky Sylvester - (IH/MED/10-02-61)
Country: Nigeria
  • Very Adequate information given by the Travel Professionals.
  • Yes, On Arrival the staff was available and quite polite.
  • Yes, the Car deputed for transfer was comfortable.
  • Yes, the behavior of the driver was helpful, punctual and courteous.
  • Yes, the assistance that is provided to me by the hospital staff during the treatment in the hospital was up to the mark.
  • The Staff of Medi Connect India (Division of Indian Holiday Pvt Ltd.) was very useful. And they also assisted in solving my problem.
  • Medical tourism team was very reliable.
  • Samridhi and Shalini were often in touch giving explanations and confidences. One of the staff met me at the airport was kind enough to make the photocopies of the necessary documents.

Guest Name: Mr. Clarius Ugwuoha - IHMED/10-02/060
Country: Nigeria
Comments:"Very well very excellent response time & information disposal was aiming initially at Canara, UK etc., but the rapid, professional and marketing expertise of your representative Ms. S .Chodha got me interested in India instead.

Assistance by the hospital very efficient & Prompt responses to compliant. I will be there again if given another opportunity.

Hospital assistance - Excellent Services delivery.

You have a wonderful of business –oriented team. Your representatives Ms. Samridhi Chodha, is an intelligent. Wonderful & excellent marketer. It takes her sincerity of purpose & dedication to spur interest in an outfit over the internet.

My experience with Indian Holiday Pvt. Limited is one that begs recreation. I am particularly pleased about the professional expertise of your representative Ms. Samridhi Sharma Chodha. I had no hassles upon arrival at IGI Airport till date due to efficient planning & packaging of Trip.

I suggest your outfit maintains an outpost in Africa, preferably Abuja (Nigeria ) for purposes of business , medical & tourism referrals.

Clarius Ugwuoha
The Production Chemistry Department
Sheu Petroleum Dev. Company
PO Box 263 PostHargurt

Guest Name : Mrs. Vivian Mower and Mr. Andrew Mower IHMED/09-11/41
Country: U.S.
Comments : We love the atmosphere and people of all hotels. Accommodation was nice and locations of all hotels were excellent. Trident hotel was phenomenon, ultimate luxury. Hotel Staff was excellent, courteous and friendly.

All the guides were knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and very pleasant, Well-organized.

All car services were great. A skill of drivers was amazing.

Those who would not come to India. They are missing a wonderful experience with glorious history, Amazing people, Culture, Art and Music. We saw so much in so little time. My most memorable part is Haridwar for its spirituality and beauty and Jaisalmer for its impressive beautiful fort and crafts. Udaipur was beautiful.

I am finally sitting down to write you and thank you for all you did for my mother an me. We had an incredible vacation! India is such an amazing country, and I will be returning one day. One of the things that made the trip so special is all the hard work you did to arrange every detail of our stay and travel within the country. All of the tour guides were so intelligent, humble and fun. The hotels were nice. The car drivers were great. My mother and I hope you understand how grateful we are.

I sent flowers and treats from a local shop via the internet.

Andrew Mower

Guest Name : Mr. Abdulamir Amim Mohammed IHMED/09-12/49
Country: IRAQ
Comments : Hospital And Hotel services were good. Indian Holiday services were satisfactory.

Guest Name : Ms. Clark Phyllis IHMED/09-12/48
Country: U.S.

Comments : Transfer representatives were very efficient in performing their duty.
The driver was delightful and cheerful, no matter how long the journey.
My hospital treatment and stay was very professional and high quality.
I was very impressed by the coordination of services, very smoother, very efficient, very pleasant and professional. Samridhi’s assistance gave me the confidence to move forward with the medical tourism plans.

Guest Name: Ms. Mahika
Country: Nigeria
Comments:"Dear Samridhi,
I deeply appreciate for all the communications we had on Joseph's treatment.
I personally acknowledge the efficient and professional medical services that you have been providing to many Tanzanians who have been coming fro treatment there. I have a niece who was successful underwent a brain tumor operation in one of your hospitals and to date he is going on very well.
Many thanks for extending your hospitality. I assure you in case of need I will never hesitate to communicate with you.

My best wishes to you.
Ms. Mahika

Guest Name: Dr Elkheir khalafalla khalid
Country: -Sudan
Comments:"Dear Samridhi,
you have demonstrated great efficiency and that allows me to recommend you estimated agency to friends and family.

Dr Elkheir khalafalla khalid

Guest Name: Mr. Alkholy - IH/MED/09-07/16
Country: Qater
Comments: All travel arrangements done very well and organized. All the reservations made before arrival, even early check-in done as we did arrive to the hotel at 4:30am where we check in at 5:00 am. The car which we use for 10 days holidays was very good. Hospital staff were really grateful and helpful. Ms. Samridhi is a great person to work with. Ms. Samridhi is very very hard working – Vinay is good and very hard working.

Guest Name :Mrs. & Mr. Kuria, - IHMED/09-06/12
Comments: Your travel arrangements were excellent. This was our first visit to India and we felt very comfortable with the assistance you extended to us and most of al my medical treatment. We look forward to seek further assistance in the future.

The motel accommodation had been very clean fantastic food and very hospitable staff. Samridhi did all our reservation for us. Wonderful representative staff. Car deputed for transfer was very comfortable. Drivers were fantastic.

Hospital staff was very good and hospitable. We owe a lot to Samridhi who made it all successful. Again the time she look to see us at the hotel and frequent calls. Samridhi in particular. She made all arrangements medical, hotel, transportation and our general well being.

Guest Name : Mr. G. O. Adesanya- IH/MED/09-04/004
Country:Lagos, Nigeria
Comments: The professional ways and manners your Project Head (Samridhi) carried out this pre arrival information and assistance was very excellent. Well done and I am very impressed with the Marketing and negotiation skills exhibited by Samridhi.

I am very happy and highly delighted to have chosen Apollo Speciality Hospital Chennai based on samridhi professional advice and recommendations. I am impressed and have no regret whatsoever on the outcome of the surgery. God bless you and your entire family too(Samridhi).please keep it up.

The handling of the affiliated requirements by your Medical Tourism team was very Fantastic. They are well co-ordinated and willing to go extra miles to make my stay in CHENNAI a memorable one. I am very happy with your services and more importantly with the professional touches exhibited by your staff called Samridhi who contributed immensely to my visit to Apollo Speciality Hospital and always in touch to ensure my stay in and outside the Hospital a memorable one in Chennai. I hereby recommend your services to any interested patient.

Guest Name : Mr. Keith G. Tukei - IH/IN/ 08-07/ 303
Country: UK
Comments: The guide to Agra from Delhi was very courteous and professional and was also very knowledgeable in areas we needed to know.

The drivers, Guides and all people we spoke to on phone from Indian Holiday were very professional and made us feel so comfortable in a country we were visiting for the very first time.

However particular mention of Samridhi who went beyond the extra mile and treated us like family.

Because of the experience we had in Indian, I would without hesitation recommend Indian Holiday to any of my mates travelling to India for the first time.

We are planning a family holiday to Delhi & Mumbai some time this year and we shall definitely be contacting Indian Holiday to make all our travel plans.

Guest Name : Mr. Pritikumar Goburdhun - IH/IN/ 09-03/ 373
Country: Malaysia
Comments: My wife amd myself would like to thank you very much to have been of valuable and prompt assistance in arranging things for us.

We shall not fail to recommend your company to friends and relatives looking for tour operators in India. Let us end with a note of an " Au revoir" hoping to visit you in Delhi someday.

"Your office has been prompt in replying to our queries till our travel arrangements & hotel accommodation was to our entire satisfaction. Chandrakala understood our requirements. We will definitely recommend to our family & friends."


Guest Name : Mr. Dilli Prasad Gurung , - IH/DOM/09-01/498
Country: Afghanistan
Comments: Pl accept our sincere thank for all the help you gave me and my wife who underwent kidney surgery in Apollo Hospital Chennai successfully. Your assistance in this regards has been commendable . We have no word to express our gratitude . Your office and personnel are very helpful and they are through professional . Pl pass our special thanks to Chandrakala without her assistance this surgery and entire process would not have been possible.

You have our best wishes for your company to do better and better for many years to come.

Best regards
Dilli Prasad Gurung

Guest Name : Ms. Nalini Mungapen
Country: Mungapen
Comments: Dear Samridhi, We would like to thank u and your colleagues for their kind help while my stay at Apollo hospital. Am fine and back in my country now. Everything was taken good care of especially wheelchair and so on. It was on fast track. Thank u again and kind regards. You have been up to your level really on your part.

Nalini Mungapen
Mauritius patient

Guest Name : Ms. Cathy Bell, - IH/IN/08-09/ 348
Country: Canada
Comments: Indian Holiday was excellent. I will recommend your agency - Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. to my friends and Family. You can point them to the best hospital and doctor for their needs. Also, I think an overseas person would be more comfortable having you to guide them. The representatives were very helpful. They even waited for us to drive us back from our appointments. It was good of you to help us with the drivers. They were just great, always on time and friendly. Samridhhi would call quite often to see how everything was. Very cheerful and very friendly. The driver was great,. Everything went on very smoothly.

Guest Name : Mr. Tukei, - IH/IN/08-07/303
Country: Sierra Leone
Comments: Indian Holiday managed by travel and stay well beyond my expectation!! Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone travelling to India. Samridhi was a star in her performance.
Keith & Tukei

Guest Name : Ms. Montrice Godard Yakimov, - IH/IN/08-06/215
Country: USA.
Comments: Unbeatable service! I made good friends and would use Indian Holiday again! Sanjay was wonderful!

Guest Name : Mr. Bisram Nirmul – IH/IN/08-02/1062
Country: U.S.A.
Comments: I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Indian Holiday Pvt. and Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, India, where I had 5 dental implants performed.

Doctor was excellent. Medical Tourism Team and assistance was most appreciated – Samridhi & Chandrakala. Your organization is very efficient and professional. Overall, all the staff at both institutions were very courteous and helpful.

In particular I commend Ms. Samridhi Chodha from Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. and Dr. Asish Kakar, Senior Dental Surgeon at Apollo Hospital for their thoroughness, professionalism, and quality services provided.

I will strongly recommend anyone who would like to save some money without sacrificing good service and use the facilities mentioned as well as their staff. I honestly cannot thank everyone enough.

Bisram Nirmul
(New Jersey, USA)

Guest Name : Ms. Edith Schmidt
Country: U.S.A.
Comments:M/S Indian Holiday provided me with the very best of services during my travel to India. They left no stone unturned to make my stay the most comfortable and my visit a very pleasant experience. And the best part is that all of it was done well within my budget.

Samridhi kept in touch with me on a daily basis and made sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. Every small detail of my visit was planned and all requirements that I had were well taken care of.

In case you are planning to visit India, I would highly recommend M/s. Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. as a service provider. They are efficient, responsive, empathetic and pro active about looking after the traveler’s needs and requirements.

Edith Schmidt

Guest Name : Ms. Jacquie Cove
Comments:I was very pleased with the service provided by Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd.. Everyone involved was very efficient. All my appointments were scheduled for in advance and went very well.

I cannot also fault the service of the hospital during my stay. The staff was very efficient, hospital very clean overall very good service.

My surgeon was excellent all in all I was very pleased with everything that was provided for me.

Thank you
Jacquie U.K.

Guest Name : Mr. Bisram Nirmul – IH/IN/08-02/1062
Country: U.S.A.
Comments: I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Indian Holiday Pvt. and Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, India, where I had 5 dental implants performed.

In particular I commend Ms. Samridhi Chodha from Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. and Dr. Asish Kakar, Senior Dental Surgeon at Apollo Hospital for their thoroughness, professionalism, and quality services provided.

Overall, all the staff at both institutions were very courteous and helpful.

I will strongly recommend anyone who would like to save some money without sacrificing good service and use the facilities mentioned as well as their staff. I honestly cannot thank everyone enough.

Bisram Nirmul
(New Jersey, USA)

Guest Name :Vivek
Country: India
First of all a very big thank you to you and your team in providing an excellent service right from identifying my needs to executing them and following through.

I came across Indianholidays by chance on the internet search and from the moment I sent them my query the responses were fast , relevant and efficient. They directed me to the best laparoscopic surgeon in Asia , Dr. Kriplani , operating at Apollo Hospitals , New Delhi. Dr. Kriplani was also very prompt in replying to my queries and advised me various treatment plans with package costs for same. Priority appointments were arranged between myself , Indian Holidays and Dr. Kriplani being in agreement and I must admit it happened within 4 weeks of initial contact. Finally , I had a date for my surgery and all was set. Indian Holidays set up all hotels and quoted me on wide variety of accommodation suitable for the purpose and at very genuine rates. During my stay in Delhi all local transport was arranged by Indianholidays and all vehicles were of the highest quality and road safe. Rates were very reasonable and there was no apprehension about the charges being made. Each time a representative assisted me as required necessary with my local travel and needs. I would highly recommend Indianholidays for all the medical tourism needs or even otherwise if you just want to visit India and discover its magnificent glory. Might I suggest making contact with Ms. Samridhi Chodha , who personalised my visit and kept track of my treatment and progress throughout not only during the stay in India but also post operatively. Very impressive customer service !!

Guest Name : Ms. Jolliffee – IH/IN/07-10/509
Country: Anchorage, Alaska; U.S.A.
Pre arrival arrangement: Yes, Chandrakala & Samridhi kept in touch often by e-mail, making sure they communicated well regarding apartment rental and car/driver.

Post arrival arrangements
Utkarsh, the IHPL office representative at the hospital was very helpful, polite & efficient. Chander (the driver) were knowledgeable about the area and where good problem solvers as well. They genuinely wanted to make their best effort in making things easy for me.

Apollo hospital staff – They were so very helpful, I can’t say enough praise to give them credit.

Assistence provided by IHPL staff on my visits to the Hospital - Kumar Utkarsh should get a medal. He put in long hours waiting while I was in X-ray, blood test, questionnaire area, billing and he stayed right with me. He was interpreter, moral support and hospital guide.

During and postoperative assistance – The staff was very helpful and caring. I recommend them highly for all affiliated services.

In general, my experience with IHPL as a positive one.

Guest Name : Brooke Mantgrmery
Country : East Africa
Comments : I was very lucky to find IHPL (Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. On the internet while I was researching possible medial options. I live in Tanzania where medical treatments are not readily available and my doctor recommended India as on affordable and high quality option.

The staff at IHPL were very responsive to all of my many questions while organizing my trip and they were in contact with my chosen doctor so that all of the arrangements were made with my medical treatment in mind.

Jeetu and Samridhi of IHPL made me feel very welcome upon my arrival and ensured that all of my needs were met.

The Apollo Hospital is top-notch. Generally a 5 star hospital. I was consistently impressed by the doctors, nurses and other staff. Everyone was professional, kind, courteous and welcoming.

I highly recommend both IHPL and Indraprastha Apollo Hospital to anyone looking for high quality and affordable medial treatment.
Best regards,
Brooke Mantgrmery

Guest Name : Mr. Abhushban - IH/IN/06-12/769
Country : UAE
Comments : I am fully satisfied with your service which was very professional specially the correspond with Samridhi.
Best regards,
Mr. Abhushban

Guest Name : Ms. Dolapo Falase, - IH/IN/06-08/366
Country : UK
Comments : I was satisfied and felt secure that all arrangements had been taken care. The driver and the office representative was very punctual and easy to converse with also helpful about information about Delhi.
Best regards,
Ms. Dolapo Falase

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