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Abdominal Surgery

Medical Science has advanced and so has many diseases mushroomed because of the constant changing lifestyle of people. It is always advisable to prevent ourselves from diseases than to go for its cure but when there is a crisis doctors are ready with answers. offers medical tourism in Association with the Apollo Group of Hospitals for diagnosis and treatment involving abdominal surgery.

Ailments of the Stomach and Duodenum

  -  Fundal Varices
  -  Ulcer
  -  Cancer

Ailments of the Esophagus

  -  Achalasia Cardia
  -  Removal of foreign body
  -  Variceal Bleeding
  -  Benign and malignant strictures

Ailments of the Small Intestine

  -  Tuberculosis
  -  Diverticulosis Obscure Bleeding
  -  Mal absorption syndrome

Ailments of the Liver

  -  Cirrhosis
  -  Liver Cancer
  -  Chronic Hepatitis
  -  Acute Hepatitis

Ailments of the Colon

  -  Diverticulosis Cancer
  -  Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
  -  Tuberculosis

Ailments of the Gall Bladder

  -  Stone diseases
  -  Cancer of the bladder
  -  Cholecystitis

Ailments of the Pancreas

  -  Cancer of the pancreas
  -  Pseudo pancreatic cyst
  -  Chronic Pancreatitis
  -  Acute Pancreatitis


Diagnostic Procedures

  -  Manometry
  -  PH study
  -  Duodenoscopy
  -  Colonoscopy
  -  Endosogogram
  -  Laparoscopy

Variceal Bleeding
  -  Treatment options:
  -  Endoscopic Sclerotherapy
  -  Variceal Ligation
  -  Glue Injection
  -  Electro Coagulation

Esophageal Strictures

  -   Achalasia Balloon dilatation
  -   Savory Gillard dilatation
  -  Self expanding metallic stent

Pancreatic Duct
  -   Stone Removal
  -   Stenting

Common Bile Duct
  -   Basket/ balloon Lithotripsy
  -   Stone Removal
  -   Brush Cytology
  -   Strictures Dilatation
  -   Rubber/Metallic Stent
Duodenum Stenting
Pylorus Dilatation

Other forms of Surgery
  -   Laparoscopic
  -   Open Surgery
  -   Harmonic Scalpel Surgery offers medical tourism in Association with the Apollo Group of Hospitals for diagnosis and treatment involving abdominal surgery. Log on to it to get the information regarding abdominal diseases, its diagnosis and its different forms of surgery.

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India Profile offers Medical Tourism in India, in association with Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. For more information please enter your query in the form.

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