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The tourists arriving in India want to travel around the major tourist places in India. This kind of a tour in layman's dictionary is called as a leisure tour, which also gives a theme to the tour. These types of leisure tours included in the theme travel in India provide leisure and recreation to the tourists after a long lasting hectic life schedule.

Leisure Tours India The Leisure tour covers many destinations in India including many states and places that are quite popular with the tourists. These tourist places not only provide excellent accommodation and outing but also a fulfilling entertainment.

The leisure tour destinations in India are the places which give you a healthy and fulfilling recreation through their theatres, discotheques, bars and restaurants, parks, art galleries, museums, craft and art centres other than the renowned tourist places.

The leisure tours in India are in general organised at the mesmerising Taj Mahal (Agra), Golden temple (Amritsar), Benaras/Varanasi, Leh, Ladakh etc. that are the sacred places where people experience religious and spiritual elevation and mental peace. The states like Goa, Kerala, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Backwater destinations, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are the tourist places as well as leisure tour destinations with natural landscapes, sandy and silvery beaches, forts and palaces, gardens and wildlife sanctuaries, caves, hill stations and much more.

Our team at India Profile offer you the best of Leisure Tours in India. These leisure tour destinations in India are decided after taking into consideration, the convenience of the tourists and their expectations from a leisure tour destination.

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