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Hotels in Alleppey

Boat race, house boats, coir items, fish and lakes, all these all these conjures up in the mind's eye the distant and resourceful city of Alleppey in Kerala. This is one of the big backwater boat trips center of India and is rightly conferred the title of the "Venice of the East". Known as the treasure of black gold and souvenirs in search of which traders from across the 7 seas came, Aleppey is today identified as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India. You will enjoy its scenic beauty to the hilt. However what will catch your attention most is its rural countryside. In this rural town where urbanization has also taken place but without spoiling the earthy feel, you will get plenty of accommodation options too. Thanks to the tourism industry of Kerala a good number of different categories of hotels in Alleppey can be found.

The real pleasure of vacationing in Alleppey is that you can choose to put up in any of the various kinds of Alleppey hotel. You can spend your time the way you want. If the idea of experiencing a traditional Keralian way of life interests you then the heritage hotels in Alleppey are the perfect option for you. These hotels have retained royal glory through paintings and period furniture. The ambience in these hotels exudes royal charm. These hotels aim at providing a combination of luxury and comfort that are a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

On the other hand, you can also look for the typically modern and truly comfortable accommodations in Alleppey that usually are found in the first class hotels in Alleppey. Everything about this category of hotels is new and innovative. However, these hotels also do not deviate from the usual Keralan patterns. In fact it is their forte that amidst international standard of services and facilities they have managed to keep alive the authentic Keralan spirit.

It might so happen that you are in no mood to go overboard during your holidays in Alleppey and hence want to enjoy everything but within a decent limit. Then it must be noted that here again you will no be disappointed because there are several three star Alleppey hotels which have kept your every need and desire in mind. These hotels at moderate rates feature excellent accommodations replete with basic modern amenities. They ensure that like above two categories, they also meet your dining, business and recreational needs properly.

Besides, there is another accommodation option as well such as budget hotels and cheap hotels in Alleppey which even at more generous rates provide extensive and most desirable facilities and services. In these hotels dining, recreational and additional facilities are found at large.

All the above Alleppey hotels are something which you generally go for depending upon your pocket strength. But if you like to experiment even with accommodation options then again Alleppey is the perfect destination. Here you will come across beautiful house boats, cottages and homestays which offer excellent accommodation facilities. offers online information on Hotels in Alleppey and other hotels in Kerala.

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