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Deluxe Hotels in Kottayam

Imagine a land where nature almost breathes as if she is living - Kottayam remains even today, one of the most enigmatic tourist destinations in Kerala. One of the most beautiful tourist destinations of India, a visit to Kotatyam reveals the truth behind Kerala’s title of "God's Own Country". The picturesque slopes of the Western Ghats act as a natural boundary for this quaint land, through which flow the famous back waters of Kerala. The resulting beauty promises to mesmerize the visitors to this beautiful land forever, the moment they step within her picturesque locales. Green and surrounded by mist, the beautiful valley of Kottayam provides the visitor with images and hues that make them cherish the memories of their trip to Kottayam forever! Contributing hugely to the overall image of Kottayam Tourism are the various Hotels in Kottayam, notable among which are the various Deluxe Hotels in Kottayam.

The Deluxe Hotels in Kottayam provide the tourists with a number of benefits, all of which bear the essence of the warmth and hospitality which the culture of Kerala brings to the land. Clean and comfortable, the lodging facilities provided by these hotels are the perfect recipe for making your trip to Kerala a dream come true!

Reaching Kottayam can be easily accomplished since this beautiful city is well connected to almost all the major cities of Kerala as well as the rest of India by a number of routes of transportation. These are inclusive of routes connected by air, which can be accomplished easily as the nearest airport to the district of Kottayam is the Cochin Airport which is one of the busiest airports of Kerala. Besides this, you could also travel to Kottayam by rail as the nearest Railway station to Kottayam is the Kottayam Railway Station, which is well connected to almost all the major cities of the region. Besides these, an efficient system of roads connects almost all the different parts of Kerala and neighboring Tamil Nadu with the city of Kottayam. A number of buses traverse through these roads of which a large number are regulated by the Government of Kerala.

Deluxe Hotels in Kottayam

If you are planning a trip to Kottayam, you could chose from any of these famous Deluxe Hotels in Kottayam for accommodation while in Kerala.

Taj Garden Retreat KottayamSurrounded by the serenity, which comes naturally from her close proximity to nature, a trip to Kottayam is made even more attractive by the facilities of accommodation which are provided by the various hotels of this exotic hill station. Providing the tourists with warm and hosp...more...

Pearl Regency Kottayam One of the most notable Deluxe Hotels in Kottayam, the Pearl Regency in Kottayam in Kerala in India provides the guests to this picturesque city with an extremely warm welcome while on a trip to Kottayam. Priding itself on being the only luxury b...more...

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