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Heritage Resorts Kottayam

Surrounded by the rich natural beauty of God’s Own Country, a tour to Kottayam in Kerala in India is made even more special by the wonderful facilities of accommodation in Kottayam. Nestled on the banks of the picturesque Lake Kumarakom, a trip to Kottayam remains one of the most enigmatic experiences of traveling to Kerala. Surrounded by a cool, mountain breeze which welcomes you the moment you step into this delightful land, a holiday in Kottayam in Kerala in India is made even more special by the rich heritage of Kerala, which finds reflection in the various Heritage Hotels in Kottayam, all of which are the perfect combination of luxury and affordability, provided with an old world charm.

The various Heritage Hotels in Kottayam combine the best of the warmth and hospitality of Kerala with a taste of what can be said to be the cream of the rich and varied culture of this ancient province.

Since Kottayam is well-networked with other parts of Kerala, getting to this city from any part of Kerala, or the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu is not a problem. Being a major tourist destination in Kerala, Kottayam is also connected by road and air to the principal cities of India. The nearest airport to Kottayam is Cochin Airport, while the railway station is Kottayam Railway Station. Since Kottayam is connected to other parts of India with an efficient road network, it is possible to journey to Kottayam on a number of buses regulated by the Government of Kerala.

Heritage Hotels in Kottayam :

If you are planning a trip to Kottayam, you could chose from any of these famous Heritage Hotels in Kottayam for accommodation while in Kerala:

  • The Lake Village Heritage Resort
  • Puzhayoram Heritage Resort

Puzhayoram Heritage Resort Kottayam Surrounded by the pristine beauty of nature, a tour to Kottayam is often one of the best ways of relaxing while on a trip to Kerala. A natural paradise, the attractions of a holiday in Kottayam is made even more important by the facilities of accommodation, which are provide...more...

The Windsor Castle & The Lake Village Kottayam The Windsor Castle & The Lake Village Kottayam is a union of two distinct concepts at Kottayam in Kerala. The gateway to the backwater destination of Kumarakom, Windsor Castle and Lake Village resort is one of the finest Hotels Around Kumarak...more...

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