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Religion and Culture

India is the birthplace of many of the world's religions. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, originated in India. India also has many places of worship and holy sites of Islam, Christianity and the Jewish faith. Religions such Zoroastrianism and the Bahai also have places of worship in India, a land where people of different religions and cultures are free to live in harmony. When in India, you can travel to the holy cities of the different religions and cultures of India. You can witness the celebrations of various festivals in India, where people of different faiths come together in communal harmony.

The message of love and brotherhood is expressed by all the religions and cultures of India. Whether it's the rows of the faithful, bowing in prayer in the courtyard of a mosque, or the rows of lamps that light up houses at Diwali, the good cheer of Christmas or the bonhomie of Baisakhi, the festivals of India are celebrations of shared emotion that bring people together. People from the different religions and cultures of India, unite in a common chord of brotherhood and amity in this fascinating and diverse land. India Profile brings you a complete picture of the Religions and Cultures in India.

Cultural tours
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¤ Accessories Worn by Indian Women ¤ Amritapuri Ashram ¤ Performing Arts � Andhra Pradesh
¤ The Tradition of Feeding Animals ¤ The Astika Schools � Orthodox Schools ¤ Auroville - The City of Dawn
¤ Babuji Memorial Ashram - Mannapakkam ¤ Where Devotion Entertains � Lord Swaminarayan ¤ Of Golden Brilliance � Surya God of Light
¤ Enigmatic Statues in Indian Basilica � St. Mary's Basilica ¤ Street Theatre � Breaking the Barriers ¤ Rare Spiritual Bank of The World � Ram Ramapati Bank
¤ Sikkim-The World of Gods ¤ Lord Shiva - The Dancer Who Recreates ¤ Rangoli � The Art of Floor Painting
¤ Ras Lila - Celestial Themes ¤ Ritual - Invoking the River Goddess ¤ Speeding Bulls and Fighting Cocks � Rural Sports
¤ Saraswati - Goddess of Learning and Wisdom ¤ Shadow Theatre in India ¤ Neem Karoli Baba Ashram
¤ The Nine Gems Precious And Auspicious ¤ Odissi Dance ¤ The Tradition of Chewing Paan
¤ Goddess Parvati - Feminine Power ¤ The Down-Under Project ¤ Potent Tools of Life
¤ Puppetry � And The Dolls Come Alive ! ¤ The Kalachakra Tantra Raja Abhishek � Buddhist Ceremony ¤ From Ramayan to Ram
¤ Variations of the Ramayana ¤ Shree Shree Ram Saranam Ashram ¤ Mehndi - Culture Yesterday Fashion Today
¤ Mira Bai � Devotion Deep & Divine ¤ Where Hospitality is Religion - Mizoram ¤ Mohiniattam - Staging of Grace
¤ Motifs Zoological � Animals in Indian Mythology ¤ The Dances of Namdroling ¤ The Nastika Schools
¤ Nautanki - An Art Form ¤ Nayi Talim ¤ Seeking the Self � The University of Ladnun
¤ Praying for Prosperity � Goddess Lakshmi ¤ The Lotus � Much More Than a Flower ¤ Marathi Musicals
¤ Mayur - The Bird of Paradise ¤ Towards the Cause of Men ¤ Indra - King of Kings
¤ Iskcon Krishna-Baldev Temple ¤ The Jain Legacy In Karnataka ¤ Janni Shikar - When the Women Go to War
¤ Jatakas - The Births of Buddha ¤ Jatras - Fiery Dramas Mesmerizing Dialogues ¤ Ram Naam Reforming Criminal Minds
¤ Kama � The God of Love ¤ The Kanchi Kamaksti Mutt ¤ Towering Faith
¤ Karnataka Folk Theatre - Imitation of the Divine ¤ Kartikeya - The Lord Who Hits Sixes ¤ Whispers of the Ultimate
¤ Kathakali - Dramatic Dance ¤ Home to every God ¤ Display of Myriad Emotions � Kuchipudi
¤ In Praise of a People on the Rooftop of the World ¤ The Buddhist Boom ¤ Hindu Cosmology
¤ Celebrating the Melting Pot - Hinduism ¤ Ancient Indian Culture as Human Culture ¤ Indian Headdress
¤ Indian Weddings - Feasts and Festivities ¤ Haryana Culture ¤ Travel - Call of the Highways
¤ Stranger than fiction ¤ Fusion Music - Rhythms in Harmony ¤ Lord Ganesha � Remover of Obstacles
¤ Ghalib Academy A Treasure Trove for Urdu Lovers ¤ The Essence of The Bhagavad Gita ¤ Rhyme & Reason
¤ Mount of Gods ¤ Fascinating Chabutras of Gujarat ¤ Hanuman - The Monkey Faced God
¤ Harappan Culture - A Link with the Past ¤ Chhau - The Dance of the Masks ¤ Classical Indian Dance Forms
¤ Influences and the Ethos ¤ An East-West Synthesis The India Connection ¤ Dance
¤ Delhi - Places of Worship ¤ The Dharma Puzzle ¤ Dhrupad, An Invocation
¤ Walking on Fire to Evoke the Gods ¤ The Sign of the Swastika ¤ Treasure of Tibetan Thangkas
¤ Theyyam - The Beats Reach Fever Pitch ¤ Thousand Weddings and a Funeral ¤ Ceremony -Begging to be Married
¤ Ushas - Daughter of the Sky ¤ Lord Vishnu - Divine Magnificence ¤ Where Devotion Entertains
¤ The World in India ¤ Bahai Faith - Where Religion Worships Unity ¤ Bhangra - A Celebration Past Cultural Barriers
¤ Bharat Natyam - An Expression of Melody and Rhythm ¤ Lord Brahma - Present at the Creation ¤ The Story of Buddha
¤ The Coming of Buddhism � Buddhism in Andhra Pradesh ¤ The Buddhist Legacy � Buddhism in Karnataka ¤ Buddhism in Maharashtra
¤ Buddhist Prayer ¤ Music- Immortalising RAM ¤ Chennai - The Cultural Capital

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