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Hotels in Zainabad

Zainabad was an erstwhile princely state and has an interesting history. Zainabad is now part of the Gujarat state in India and is located in Rann of the Kutch region. The rugged terrain and the varied fauna of Zainabad draw a considerable number of tourists and the hotels in Zainabad offer different types of accommodation in Zainabad.

The Talukdar of the Zainabad Estate, was of the Multani Malek race and traced his descent from the Multani Olia (Saint), Khwaja Bahudin Zakaria also known as Bahawal Haq Multan. Nasirudin, one of the descendents of this Olia, is said to have started on a pilgrimage to Mecca with his family, at some time around the middle of the thirteenth century. Near the Vejasar tank, situated near Dasada, he killed a deer, at which the Hindu Chief of Patdi took offence and attacked the caravan and killed all its members.

The wife and son of Nasirudin escaped the attack and fled to Panchasar which was the capital of Gujarat at the time. When Malek Bakhan, son of Nasirudin, grew to manhood he avenged the death of his family killing the Patdi Chief in a single combat. Malek Bakhan thereafter ingratiated himself in favor of the King of Ahmedabad who hated the Patdi Chief. The King of Ahmedabad became a patron of Malek Bakhan and deputed him on a mission to put down a notorious outlaw named Raw Ratan. Malek Bakhan was successful and for that act was awarded the Estate of Dasada. The Taluka was joined with the Dasada Taluka and became a separate entity only in the time of Malek Shri Zain Khanji. The hotels in Zainabad in Gujarat explore the possibilities of eco tourism and adequately use the rugged terrain in their favor.

There are however not many places to stay in Zainabad and the hotels in Zainabad allows the guests to enjoy the rural setting hard to come by in the deluxe hotels at more important cities. offers information on hotels in Zainabad and online booking facilities for hotels in Zainabad in Gujarat.

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