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Hotels in Sundarbans

Being the largest mangrove forest in the world, the Sundarbans delta lies at the mouth of the Ganges. The Sundarbans is famous for its wildlife, especially various kinds of animals. The most famous being the man eating Royal Bengal Tigers. The other animals for which the Sundarbans is well known include spotted deer, birds, crocodiles and snakes. Especially if you are a wildlife photographer then this place is perfect for you. So if you ever plan a trip to the forest, just go ahead without worrying at all about accommodation as there are a huge number of Hotels in Sundarbans.

The literal meaning of Sundarban is "beautiful forest" in the Bengali language. Another derivation of the name could be from the fact that a huge number of Sundari trees are found in Sundarbans. There are about 400 Bengal Tigers in the Sundarbans as of 2004. There are also a huge number of mesmerizing sceneries and various tourist attraction places in the Sundarbans.

There are a huge number of Hotels in Sundarbans that have been tailor made to suit the different budgets of different people. The famous hotels in the Sundarbans include Sundar Chital Tourist Lodge, Sundeban Tiger Camp and Vivada Crusies. The Hotels in Sundarbans, India provide excellent accommodation facilities to the guests. The Hotels in Sundarbans, West Bengal provide finely decorated, spacious and well furnished rooms, excellent dining facilities, superb recreational facilities, state of the art business facilities and much more. The rooms are well maintained and fully air conditioned with attached bathrooms and running hot and cold water.

Another attractive feature of the Hotels in Sundarbans is that they organize numerous sightseeing tours for the entertainment and recreation of the guests. These sightseeing trips are extremely enjoyable and definitely an experience to remember. These trips take you to all the beautiful places in the Sundarbans and also provide you with a guide. provides detailed, elaborate and in depth information on the Hotels in Sundarbans and about Accommodation in Sundarbans. also provides for Online booking facility for a tour to West Bengal. For more extensive information on the Hotels in Sundarbans and about Hotels in West Bengal

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