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Hotels in Periyar (Thekkady)

Being a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of hotels in Periyar. Periyar is home to the Periyar National Park. It is located in the state of Kerala and thousands of tourists and nature lovers come to this beautiful place to spend time in the midst of scenic beauty and idyllic atmosphere.

You can choose your ideal accommodation in Periyar as per your needs, preferences and budget. There are first class hotels, middle range hotels as well as economy and budget hotels in the area. The services offered in the hotels are wonderful and the hospitality is worth appreciating. Most of the hotels can be easily reached from various parts by a number of transport options.

The deluxe hotels in Periyar provide travelers with high standard facilities and services. The first class and luxury hotels provide high degree of satisfaction and comfort by offering an array of up-to-date facilities and services. They are also well accessible. In addition to the well equipped lodging facilities, guests can also enjoy high quality dining, business and recreational facilities. The hotels consist of high class restaurants and bars, well developed business and conference rooms and other modern facilities and services. The staff of the hotels is hospitable and ready to help the guests all round the clock.

Apart from these, Periyar is also home to plenty of middle range and 4 star hotels. These hotels offer up-to-date facilities and services but are not as expensive as the luxury hotels and resorts. They are also well accessible from various parts of the town through a number of transport options. Staying at these hotels is a really great experience with a blend of style.

In addition to these, there are many budget and economy hotels in Periyar. They are ideal for budget travelers, large families and backpackers. These hotels are equipped with almost all the basic facilities and services which make them ideal for a pleasant and comfortable stay. The facilities and services are offered at reasonable rates.

The hotels in Periyar provide great lodging facilities and make staying in this lovely place a delightful experience full of charm.

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