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Hotels in Neemrana

Rajasthan, the center of ethnicity, tradition and cultural values, is a front row choice among the tourists all over the world. The color and life of the state besmears all and sundry whosoever visits the place. Neemrana is a small town in the state of Rajasthan that displays this grandeur to a large extent.

Located at a distance of 122 km from New Delhi, in the Alwar district, the city of Neemrana bears a mesmerizing scenic view, heightening all the more during the months of winter. Set amidst the backdrop of the fascinating Aravalli Hills, Neemrana strives to be one of the favorites among the tourists in Rajasthan. Named after Nimola Meo, the place houses some of the better Hotels in Rajasthan.

The Hotels in Neemrana are varied in standards and cater to a wide range of pockets from the affluent to the common man. Right from the luxury of the heritage hotels to the low budget comfortable ones – Neemrana has it all. The heritage hotels provide the best life possible on a vacation to any tourist. Keeping the charm and splendor of antiquity in each and every minute detail and description, the heritage hotels in Neemrana stand out as some of the best options among the Hotels in Rajasthan. Balancing the past and the modern in perfect measure, the hotels give ultimate holidaying pleasure with all the necessary comfort items provided amid an alluring atmosphere of the rich yesteryears.

The low-budget Hotels in Neemrana cater good hospitable services along with comfort and luxury at reasonable prices. All Hotels in Neemrana are generally located at accessible distances from the major transport and tourist spots. They are a good option for one on the lookout for some good Hotels in Rajasthan. Neemrana Fort Palace and Hill Fort Kesroli are the two major Hotels in Neemrana which offer good and quality services to its guests. offers online information on Hotels in Neemrana. For details or to make a booking, please fill up the form given below.

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