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Hotels in Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh has one of the most remarkable and stunning forts in the country. The Kumbhalgarh Fort stretches across 36 km on the Aravali Mountains and is 1100 m high from the sea level. The fortification wall is next only to the Great Wall of China in length. Tours to Kumbhalgarh are popular among those eager to explore the remnants of history strewn all over the state of Rajasthan. The hotels in Kumbhalgarh Rajasthan are not too many in number but they offer comfortable accommodation and other facilities.

The invincible Kumbhalgarh Fort was never conquered, for reasons which become apparent the instant you set eyes on it. The massive fortification wall runs along an astounding 36 km. Surrounded by thirteen mountain peaks, guarded by seven great gates and seven ramparts, strengthened by huge rounded bastions and immense watchtowers, this mountain fortress is the biggest in all Rajasthan and has witnessed many battles. The winding road leads through deep ravines and thick forests to Arait Pol with its watch-towers, Hulla Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ram Pol, Bhairava Pol, Paghra Pol, Top-khana Pol and Nimboo Pol.

On top of the fort is the Badal Mahal Palace which encloses beautiful rooms colored brightly in schemes of green, turquoise and white, which provides a fascinating contrast to the fort which is otherwise raw, earthy and grim. The palace was rebuilt by Rana Fateh Singh in the late 19th century. The legendary Rajput hero Maharana Pratap was born here. The hotels in Kumbhalgarh India are located close to the fort which is the main tourist attraction of the place. The Hotels In Kumbhalgarh Rajasthan offers all the facilities you expect to get from a good hotel. Comfortable accommodation, state of the art facilities and other facilities are available, along with the warm sweeping hospitality. offers information on hotels in Kumbhalgarh Rajasthan and online booking facilities. For more information on hotels in Kumbhalgarh Rajasthan, please fill up the form below.

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