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Hotels in Kolkata

Kolkata, the former capital of British India, still has a colonial air to it. There are numerous colonial mansions that were erected to give it a resemblance of the British capital city - London. Other colonial influences that typify the city of Kolkata are the tram, famous Howrah Bridge and Victoria Memorial. The hotels in Kolkata are strewn all over the city and have managed to maintain the former elegance and grandeur associated with the British.

Some of the colonial buildings were used for official purposes, while others served as residences of British officers. Some of the Victorian looking buildings that dot the cityscape interestingly belonged to aristocrats of Kolkata who were inspired by colonial architectural styles while designing their own residences. The heritage hotels in Kolkata are replete with colonial influences.

Since the reforms in the Indian economy and the boom in the IT sector, there has been a visible change in the hospitality industry with the younger generation taking over. The hotels in modern day Kolkata include some of the major names in the hospitality industry such as the Taj Group, Oberoi Group, Hyatt group and so on. The hotels in Kolkata are increasingly finding pride of place among the best hotels in the country. offers information on hotels in Kolkata and online bookings.

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