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Hotels in Kangra

A picturesque valley in the lower Himalayas, the Kangra Valley is steeped in rich culture. Its thousand year old history makes it the oldest known settlement in the state of Himachal Pradesh and in the Himalayas. Kangra is an important tourist and pilgrimage site and there are quite a few hotels in Kangra catering to the needs of tourists.

The Kangra Fort is one of the major tourist attractions in Kangra district. The fort is of tremendous archaeological and historical importance and had been subjected to successive invasions and plunder at the hands of the Afghan and Muslim rulers. But the most elaborate invasion was carried out by Mahmud of Ghazni in 1009 AD, who is said to have taken back a booty that had to be carried in a mile long camel caravan! Other invaders who plundered the fort were Feroz Shah Tughlaq, Sher Shah Suri and Jahangir. The Kangra Fort was considered the seat of power in the mountains and every ruler in Delhi wanted to capture it in order to establish his rule over the Himalayan states. The Kangra Fort was significantly damaged in an earthquake in 1905 and was later restored.

The Kangra Valley is a popular destination frequented by tourists usually on their way to Dalhousie from Dharamshala or Nurpur. The hotels in Kangra offer comfortable accommodation and facilities, not to mention great views of the hills!

Hotels in Kangra cater to every pocket and preference, ranging from heritage to budget hotels. They have one thing in common - warmth and hospitality. In fact, some of the hotels in Kangra district feature in the list of best hotels in Himachal Pradesh. For a refreshing summer holiday, come visit Kangra.

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