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Hotels Near Lonavala

Lonavala is a picturesque hill station on the Mumbai-Pune Highway and nestles quietly on the lap of lush nature. Lonavala is quite popular among honeymooners and weekender and is often visited along with its sister spot Khandala. The hotels near Lonavala offer luxurious accommodation and uninterrupted tranquility. The hotels near Lonavala are often preferred by tourists to the hotels in Lonavala proper.

Away from the incessant traffic noise and pollution and touts of the city, the Hotels Near Lonavala India however, offer luxurious accommodation in tranquil locations. These hotels are mostly located within a few kilometers radius of the city making it easy for the tourists to traverse to and from the hotel and the city. State of the art facilities, luxurious accommodation, an escape from the city bustle and the liberty to visit the city as and when you like- this it the USP of the Hotels near Lonavala in Maharashtra. Most of these hotels are luxury hotels and arrange for the transport of the guests sometimes as a complementary service, sometimes for a fee. However, it is best to go for hotels near Lonavala if you have your transport or if you are willing to pay that extra bit for transport.

The hotels near Lonavala Maharashtra that are away from the city itself are largely preferred by foreign tourists who can seldom put up with the din and bustle of Indian cities. At the hotels near Lonavala also however, the availability and cost of certain services become expensive and unsure at times. However, because of the extremely good network of road that connects the areas around Lonavala, the hotels near Lonavala are never cut off from the city proper.

Upper Deck Tungarli Hills Lonavala The Upper Deck Tungarli Hills is located amidst the lush greenery at the Tungarli Hills close to the Lonavala proper yet away from the bustle of tourists. The Upper Deck Tungarli Hills is one of the best hotels near Lonavala and offers panoramic views of the Rajmachi Fort....more...

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