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Heritage Hotels in Panchganni

Often referred to as the Mecca of Maharashtra, Panchganni is a small hill-station in the state of Maharashtra, India. Panchganni was 'discovered,' by the British who popularized the place as a location for a summer resort and a Superintendent, Mr. John Chesson, was placed in charge of the new Hill Station in the 1860s. Mr. Chesson is credited with the planting plant species from around the world in Panchganni. With so much of history and colonial influence going into the place, the heritage hotels in Panchganni are housed in elegant colonial structures and offer excellent lodging facilities.

The heritage hotels in Panchganni are preferred by those in love with the vintage flavor that time leaves behind on things, on places, on people and walls. The British were highly prone to consumption and the weather and water of Panchganni suited their constitution marvelously and became popular as a sanatorium among the British elite and officials of the Raj.

The Heritage Hotels in Panchganni Maharashtra are housed in buildings that once were used as summer houses, sanatoriums or country homes by British. The Heritage Hotels in Panchganni India therefore largely sport Victorian architecture with the characteristic sloping roof, long running verandahs, sprawling lawns studded with fountains, porcelain ware, etc. In short, the Heritage Hotels in Panchganni in India are epitomes of elegance and grandeur pioneered by a bygone era.

Panchganni is still well known for its pollution free atmosphere, though much of it is on the wane, thanks to the thoughtless rate of construction that has pervaded the horizon in Panchganni in recent times.

Prospect Hotel Panchganni Picturesque Victorian bungalows peeping out of lush plantations and gardens, the Prospect Hotel Panchganni built in 1912 is the oldest hotel in Panchganni and therefore the best of ...more...

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