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Heritage Hotels in Mount Abu

There are few things more satisfying than taking yourself and your family on a tour to Rajasthan. To understand the true essence of Rajasthan one should put up in a heritage Hotel as this is the best way one could have a feel of the ancient tradition of the state. When you enter into a heritage hotel you are actually welcoming a way of life that was followed by the kings and gentry of yore. Mount Abu situated at an altitude of 1219 meters above sea level, is the only hill station in Rajasthan. It acted as a summer resort for the Rajput kings of yore. The cool climate, exquisite scenery, and a host of other natural resources make it one of the most frequented places in Rajasthan. Now the many mansions and colonial bungalows have been renovated and remodeled as Heritage Hotels in Mount Abu.

Heritage Hotels in Mount Abu are located close to the scenic spots but at the same time they guard the privacy of the guests to the utmost. The comfortable sense of belonging that these heritage properties induce in you, make your stay all the more memorable and worthwhile. These Hotels in Mount Abu offers you the best of accommodation which are incorporated with the latest amenities for a hassle free stay. Though the rooms have been renovated much of their intrinsic and original structures have been left intact to accentuate the heritage value.

Each of these Heritage Hotels in Mount Abu offers a distinct local experience that is either reminiscent of the historic importance of the building or the place in general. Take for instance the Connaught House which acted as a summer retreat for the Britishers for whom Mount Abu was a welcome pleasure from the sweltering heat of Rajasthan in general.

Dining in these heritage properties is an elaborate fare. Have a pick of your favorite cuisine in Chinese, Indian or Continental cuisine from the in house restaurant of Heritage Hotels in Mount Abu. Nibble on the authentic Rajasthani cuisines in the restaurant. Most of these hotels also make arrangements for folk music and dances as a way of entertaining guests.

Approach the hotel authorities for travel guidance and rent a car services. It always helps to take first hand information especially while you are on a tour.

Some of the most sought after Heritage Hotels in Mount Abu are:

  • Connaught House
  • Palace Hotel Bikaner House
  • Cama Rajputana Club Resort
  • Jaipur House
  • Kishangarh House
  • Kesar Bhawan Palace

Connaught House, Mount Abu Connaught House was formerly a summer retreat for the Chief Minister of Marwar. Constructed in a colonial mould, it brings back images of an old English country house. The Nakki Lake provides a perfect backdrop to this impressive heritage property. Plush accommodation, state...more...

Kishangarh House, Mount Abu Kishangarh House or Victoria House as this erstwhile mansion is otherwise known as is one of the most sought after Heritage Hotels in Mount Abu. It was built in 1890 A.D by the then Maharaja of Kishangarh and acted as a summer retreat for the royal family. This exclusive her...more...

Jaipur House, Mount Abu Jaipur House was formerly a summer retreat of the Maharaja of Jaipur. This erstwhile palace was constructed in 1885. It is an amazing specimen of Rajput architecture and the backdrop of the Nakki Lake provides the ideal setting for this beautiful hotel. Antique items, royal...more...

Palace Hotel Bikaner House, Mount Abu If you have a luxurious bent of mind and want to feel the true essence of Rajasthan then put up in any one of the Heritage Hotels in Mount Abu. We highly recommend Palace Hotel Bikaner House for its exquisite backdrop, class services and a host of other facilities. It acted...more...

Kesar Bhawan Palace, Mount Abu Kesar Bhawan Palace earns its claim to fame for being the oldest palace in Mount Abu. It was built by Maharaja Daivat Singh in 1868 as a summer retreat for the royal family. Its plush accommodation, state of the art services, and customer centric services makes it one of the...more...

Cama Rajputana Club Resort, Mount Abu Rajputana Club or Cama Rajputana Club Resort as it is now known was constructed 135 years ago and was a favorite haunt for the British officers and the aristocratic folk of Rajputana. In keeping with the Colonial lifestyle dinner and dance parties were a routine here. The ma...more...

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