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Heritage Hotels

The city of Chandigarh, situated on the edge of the Punjab plain near the foothills of the Himalayas, was built to replace the Punjabi capital of Lahore, which was lost to Pakistan in 1947.

Today Chandigarh is an urban showpiece - a clean and open ''garden'' city with an annual rose festival, a cool lakeside park, a captivating folk-sculpture Rock Garden - and a collection of experimentative Le Corbusier buildings that attracts architects from all over the world. Heritage hotels in Chandigarh quite contrary to the general ambience of the city offers a glimpse at the past, much of the young crowd are hardly aware of.

The heritage hotels in Chandigarh are the best of hotels in Chandigarh and are oft frequented by who are lured by the grand Rajput style architecture, the long running corridors, the fountain studded gardens and the rich wood furniture complete with four posters and family portraits of royal families. The heritage hotels in Chandigarh in India are some of the best hotels in Chandigarh.

The Fort Ramgarh for instance offers a Rajput ambience without compromising on the modern facilities that the modern travelers have so got do used to. the heritage hotels in Chandigarh in Punjab are nowadays often preferred by corporate groups as well, perhaps in search of a getaway from the glitz of urban life that permeates Chandigarh. Though Chandigarh is not as such a noisy city, the heritage hotels in Chandigarh still provide a welcome break.

The heritage hotels in Chandigarh are housed in mansions and palaces that once belonged to the royalty. These mansions were converted to hotels after the independence in an attempt to cope up with the new landholding system that stripped the royalty of much of their landed property. In the wake of the upcoming of a democratic government, the expenses of maintaining such palatial establishments became difficult. That was the time when palaces and fortresses got converted to posh heritage hotels all over the country. These hotels are now very popular especially among the foreign tourists who are still in awe of the oriental-ness of India.

Fort RamgarhA 350 year old fort built by the Chandel Rajputs, every nook and corner of the Fort Ramgarh Chandigarh resonates with a glorious past. As you enter the fort a 37 ft tall gateway, the tallest gateway in India, greets you to its magnificent interiors. Converted lately into what is...more...

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