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Hotels in Dundlod

With all its tradition and culture intact, the small town of Dundlod is located in the very heart of the district of Shekhawati. Bearing strong implications of the past age of imperial glory of the Mughals as well as Rajputs, the town is almost a large exhibition arcade of age old havelis, palaces and forts.


The towns repeated allusions to the past glory and grandeur of the Medieval Age in the form of old structures and buildings, automatically leads to its becoming a major tourist spot over the years. In the present world of concrete and substantial existence, a ride to the royal past, a revival of the past in the present, a peek into the kingly lifestyle of the then rulers, warriors and common people would be an experience of a lifetime. This phenomenon, obviously calls for a number of accommodation options for its visitors.

The Hotels in Dundlod provide some of the nicest amenities to their guests. The rooms in these hotels are designed aesthetically and furnished with modern amenities, without marginalizing any of the royal authenticities of the past. The furniture, furnishings, doors, windows and various objects that adorn the rooms of these hotels smell of Rajputana stateliness and majesty.

Eating at the Dundlod Hotels can be equally impressive with the genuine Rajasthani dishes being served in genuine Rajasthani fashion. Guests can feel free to taste any item of their own choice range from Indian to Continental to international dishes, all of which are cooked and served with utmost hospitality and care.

The Hotels in Dundlod, being located mostly within comfortable distances from the railway station and bus stands of the city, allow the visitors to take short trips within the city to places like the Fort of Dundlod which is an epitome of secularism with the architecture being half Mughal and half Rajput. Also, the Diwan Khana, built in the pure Mughal style, is sort of a museum which houses a library and antique pieces, paintings, portraits and pictures. Tuganram Goenka Haveli, Jagathia Haveli and the Satyanarayan temple are some of the other tourist attractions in Dundlod.

Dundlod with its majestic charm and beauty is sure to leave you awestruck. So, we suggest you to set off immediately towards one of the choicest destinations in Rajasthan.

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