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Programme Overview
Day 01: Arrival at Guwahati
Day 02: Guwahati - Kaziranga National Park
Day 03: Kaziranga
Day 04: Kaziranga - Kohima - Touphema Tourist Village
Day 05: Touphema - Kohima - Dimori Cove
Day 06: Khonoma
Day 07: Kohima - Dimapur
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Angami Nagas

Duration :6 Nights / 7 Days
Destinations :Guwahati - Kaziranga - Kohima - Touphema - Dimori Cove - Khonoma - Dimapur

Angami Nagas

Day 01: Arrival at Guwahati
After you come to Guwahati, go to the hotel and stay there. Spend the night at Guwahati.

Day 02: Guwahati - Kaziranga National Park
Go to the Kamakhya Temple, which is renowned site of pilgrimage for the people of the Hindu community. More than a million devotees flock the temple on the ritual of Ambubashi. Come back to the hotel and relax. After some time, go on driving trips to the Kaziranga National park. It is around 220 kms away. Stay at the jungle resort after you arrive. Visit the local tea plantations in the afternoon.

Day 03: Kaziranga Angami Nagas
Go to the central range of the Kaziranga National Park in the early hours of morning. After you return, spend some time in lunch and go to the western range on jeep safari. Spend the night in the hotel. Stay the night at Kaziranga.

Day 04: Kaziranga - Kohima - Touphema Tourist Village
From Kaziranga, go to Kohima. It is the capital city of Nagaland is known for its scenic beauty. After you land at the city, go to the Touphema Village Resort. It is around 41 kms from Kohima. The resort is managed by the Angami Naga village community. Get a feel of the rich culture and heritage by going to the village and also enjoy village cultural programs. Stay for the night at the Touphema Tourist village.

Day 05: Touphema - Kohima - Dimori Cove
Early in the morning, go to the village and visit the points of interest. Return to Kohima after having breakfast. Go to the WW II Cemetery, which is located near the main town center. Also make trips to the Bayani Hill, State Museum. The museum houses a number of local and traditional relics which provide a deep insight into the culture of the local people. Later in the day, go to the Kigwema village and the Dimori Cove Guest house. From here, you can undertake trekking trips to the lovely Japfu Peak, which is located at a height of around 3048 meter. The world’s tallest rhododendron tree is located here. Also undertake trekking expeditions to the Dzukou Valley. Towards the afternoon, go to the village of Jakhama. Return to Kohima and stay there.

Day 06: Khonoma
Make driving trips to Khonoma, which is located at a distance of around 20 kms away. Stop at the Angami Tribal village of Khonoma. It is the home of Angami Phizo, who was the father of the Naga Nationalist movement. This lovely village atop a hill and is surrounded by sprawling greenery. Come back to Kohima and stay there.

Day 07: Kohima - Dimapur
Drive to Dimapur after you have breakfast. At Dimapur, catch the flight for the trip.

Tourist Attractions


  • Kamakhya Temple
  • Kaziranga

  • Local tea estate
  • Central range
  • Western range
  • Kohima

  • WW II Cemetery
  • State Museum
  • Kigwema village
  • Japfu Peak
  • Khonoma

  • House of Angami Phizo
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