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Indian Peacock

The Indian Peacock is the country's National Bird. This beautiful bird is characterized by a distinctive crest and a very brightly colored and exquisitely decorated train. The train is probably the most noticeable part of the peacock's body. It contributes to more than half of the peacock's length.

The Indian Peacock is one of the largest flying birds in the world. The wings combined with the train makes it so. The feathers in the train consist of an eye spot and long disintegrated parallel filaments projecting from its main shaft. When the peacock displays its fan shaped crest of feathers it is indeed a very magnificent sight to behold.

It is found throughout the country. This swan sized bird has a white patch under the eye and its neck is long and slender.

The Indian peacock prefers to live in the open forests even though it is sometimes seen in the orchards. It hunts for its prey either at break of day or just before sunset. For the rest of the day they prefer the soothing shade of the trees. Its diet includes a variety of things including grains, berries, crops, figs as well as insects, small mammals and reptiles.

Surely everyone who has ever had a glimpse of this bird will be impressed by its beauty. It is held as sacred by the Hindus because Kartikeyan rides on its back. There are also several mythological stories that are associated with the Indian peacock and its fascinating train.

The Indian peacock is very well protected by the Indian Wild Life protection Act. However the peacock has displayed remarkable adaptability and adjusted itself to the changing surroundings so much so that it no longer requires any particular attention for conservation. No special projects have been undertaken to ensure its safety. provides information on the Indian Peacock and offers on line booking for Wildlife Tours in India.

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