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Indian Bison

"Off south, the bison multiply so fast
a slaughter's mandatory every spring
and every spring the creeks get fat
and Kicking Horse fills up." - Huge Richard

This animal is known as the Gaur or the Wild Indian Bison. It has often being found to have been domesticated. This wild animal has often been associated with wild domestic cows and wild cattle.

The male Bison have a muscular body and the female Bison is relatively smaller in size and with dorsal ridge and dew lap less distinctively developed than the male Bisons. The African Wild Gaurs are said to be the most high with an average height of about 2.1 meters.

This generally exceeds the shoulder length and makes it look stronger than ever. The wild gaurs generally graze in the forests and consist of approximately 40 individuals. No other animal except tigers and humans can kill a fully grown Gaur. This sis attributed to their enormous strength.

They belong to the wild Oxen family and a family group of the Gaurs consists of 2- 40 individuals. The herd is led by a single adult male. During the mating season the size of the male individual becomes the sole factor and they generally do not fight during the mating seasons.

Since Indian Gaur is also one of the endangered species of India, the Government has been trying its level best to protect this endangered species. offers you the advantage of an online booking for the Wildlife Adventure Tours in India.

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