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Goa Tour packages

Goa is like a haven for beach lovers. This tiny little state offers some ultimate fun like Backwater cruises, dolphin cruises, adventure sports and water sports like para sailing, wind surfing and water skiing, sight seeing of ancient churches and temples, dancing and singing in the beaches in the evening, campfires and the list goes on. Goa is an endearing destination that appeals with its exotic beauty and magnetic charm.

Goa is easily accessible and fun to be in during any season of the year. But monsoon in Goa has its own charm. Come monsoon and the combination of rain and the sea manages to spread even more magic to this small beautiful Indian state. The cool climate, the smell of nature, and the native festivities make Goa very lively even during monsoon.

Goa is the destination to be in for honeymooners. They love to be in the reclusive beaches in Goa for their honeymoon. In fact, Goa has always been a favorite place in India to enjoy honeymoon.

Goa is easily reachable by air, rail, road and also sea route. The main airport of Goa is in Dabolim at a distance of about 30 km from Panaji. Most of the domestic Indian flights operate in Goa along with the chartered flights from abroad.

There are many attractive tour packages offered for Goa by many tour operators and travel agents. There are many resorts and hotels in Goa that offer special packages at various rates catering to all budgets.

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