BNWCCC Kolkata A New Ray Of Hope For Intended Parents

In Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Centre (BNWCCC), Genomee is particularly a fertility clinic that provides a new ray of hope for intended parents. The clinic specializes in providing effective and reliable solution to the complete range of infertility services. Out of various solutions, Surrogacy is one such solution for females suffering from any kind of infertility issues. In this procedure, a woman carries a pregnancy and delivers a baby for another woman. Since the inception of Genomee Kolkata, Surrogacy has been proven successful.

IVF Surrogacy in India


The categorization of surrogates could be done into two broad categories, such as:

1. The gametes of the intended parents are used to produce an embryo and then inserted into the uterus of the surrogate mother. If in case, any of the intended parents is suffering from infertility, they could use the donated sperms or eggs. As a result of the arrangement, the surrogate mother is in no way genetically related to the newborn baby.

2. The sperm of the intended father is inseminated with the eggs of the surrogate mother. This solution makes the new born child genetically related to the surrogate mother and intended father, not the intended mother. This type of surrogacy is only suggested in case the eggs of the intended mother are unable to fertilize.

IVF Surrogacy

IVF is a very common and popular as ‘Test Tube Baby’. This is one technique, which is in practice in fertility clinics, all round the globe. In this technique, the ovum is fertilized outside the body and then the embryo (fertilized ovum) is transferred into the surrogate mother’s uterus.

IVF Surrogacy is advisable only under the following conditions:

• If the ovary of a woman is unable to produce eggs due to uterine conditions or hysterectomy.
• If the uterus of a woman is damaged or malformed, and is not capable to carry a pregnancy.
• If a woman suffers from medical conditions such as diabetes or kidney & heart diseases.
• If Medical Panel at Genomee recommends for surrogacy.

Medical Indications

There are various medical indications that are looked for, before recommending surrogacy. Some of the following are:

Recurrent miscarriage
Absence of uterus
Pregnancy unsafe medical conditions
Repeated failure of embryo implantation


The experts at Genomee Kolkata also perform various checks to determine the characteristics of an ideal surrogate mother. Some of the characteristics are as mentioned below:

• The candidate has to be generally less than 35 years of age.
• Must have one child at least.
• Normal BMI (Body-Mass Index) is required.
• The candidate should not have suffered through any medical condition through pregnancy or at the time of delivery.
• The partner should be supportive enough to understand all aspects of the situation.
• A stable heterosexual relationship.
• During treatment, using barrier contraceptives.

The evaluation of the surrogate mother at Genomee includes motivation, her past & present social & health history, her support system, her physical ability to conceive, and her psychological outlook and emotional stability.


The experts, at Genomee BNWCCC Kolkata, emphasize on proper & detailed counseling prior to the commencement of the procedure. It is to be noted that counseling is one important necessity to contemplate any surrogacy. The counseling is thoroughly carried for both host and genetic couples. This is also considered important due to various psychological, ethical and legal issues concerned surrogacy. The Counselors and Medical Panel at Genomee ensures careful implications of the procedure.

There are four different types of counseling provided at Genomee BNWCCC Kolkata:

Information Counseling
Implication Counseling
Support Counseling
Therapeutic Counseling

The Medical Panel at Genomee is always in contact with the recipient couple and the surrogate to supervise the regular progress of the surrogacy. Genomee also accepts surrogates brought by the couple. Apart from this, Genomee also helps the couples to source the surrogate in India, complying the legal guidelines.

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