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Luxury Trains in India

Luxury trains in India have long been one of the best ways to discover the richness and variety of this country. In fact, for many who travel to India, a luxury train tour through some of its most fascinating destinations is a must. Why not, since this way of exploring India and its unconventional beauty brings with it a sense of adventure besides the tag of unconventionality, something that certainly gives a high.

When it comes to luxury trains in India, the country boasts of quite a few of them - Fairy Queen, Palace on Wheels, Royal Orient, Heritage on Wheels and so on. Offering a fine range of facilities and services, these Indian luxury trains are nothing less than deluxe hotels on the move.

All the luxury trains in India have their own prefixed itineraries that cover the best of what the country has to offer. For instance, the Heritage on Wheels luxury train takes its guests on an eventful journey through the colorful state of Rajasthan, one of the most visited tourist destinations in India today. As the luxury train proceeds on its specially charted out route, it also stops at some fascinating cities / towns / villages thus giving its guests the time to explore and know about India's heritage in general and Rajasthan's colorful culture in particular.

Traversing on the same lines, the other luxury trains of India take their guests through other interesting destinations around India and thus acquaint them with the country they have always fantasized about.

A perfect tribute to India and its variety, the luxury trains of India indeed offer you the promise of a journey that will always live in your consciousness. Don't forget to experience a luxury train journey the next time you travel to India. It will indeed add up to memories of a lifetime.

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