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All information page on Apollo Fertility and IVF Center

Apollo Fertility and IVF Center has earned massive reputation among families who are looking for fertility treatments. The leading medical center in India serves patients with wider range of Assisted Reproductive Technology services aiming to provide methods for them to bear a child through scientific procedures. Apollo Fertility treatments have taken medical tourism in India to an altogether different level.

Apollo Fertility and IVF Center

Apollo Fertility and IVF Center

All the doctors in Apollo Fertility and IVF Centers are skilled and fully qualified. They believe in first finding the true cause that led to infertility in a patient before suggesting the right kind of ART procedure for them. A complete diagnosis of the patient is conducted before starting the procedure. Thorough body examinations are conducted before any infertility treatments are started by these exceptionally qualified physicians. Only after the results of the diagnosis the best method for a particular patient is suggested.

But still there are many out there who are unaware of these scientific procedures. The aim of this write-up is to provide information on Apollo Fertility and IVF Centers and the kind of treatments provided by the Medical Hospital.

What is the meaning of Assisted Reproductive Technology?

Assisted Reproductive Technology or commonly referred as ART is given to the scientific procedures through which one can try to attain pregnancy rather than by biological methods of an intercourse.

What ways are provided by Apollo Fertility and IVF Center for ART?

Apollo Fertility Centre has advanced tremendously in the fields of providing Fertility treatments to patients. Some of the method provided by Apollo Fertility and IVF Center are as follows:

  • Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI): During this treatment, the processed semen is placed directly inside one’s uterus with the help of a catheter. For ideal results, the procedure is done before Ovarian Stimulation/Ovulation Induction by giving fertility enhancing medications.
  • Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): ICSI is major scientific breakthrough that aims to help the treatment of male patient who is unable to produce sperms that could fertilize an egg. During this treatment, the patient’s sperm is injected with cytoplasm directly. In this procedure, fertilization is achieved through micromanipulator. For patients with severe cases who are unable to produce sperms at all while ejaculating can be treated with various techniques such as TESE ((Testicular Sperm Extraction), TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration), PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration)and MESA (Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration).
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Embryo Transfer (ET): This treatment is commonly referred as “Test Tube Baby”. In this procedure, ovum outside one’s body is fertilized and then it is transferred to the uterus of the female patient who has opted for the treatment. It is the oldest and most popular infertility treatment.
  • IVF using Donor Oocyte (Eggs): Female patients suffering from low Oocyte quality, thus resulting in inability to produce eggs are treated using eggs from female donors which are called as Donor Oocyte. Donor embryos and Surrogacy are other methods for such couples.
  • Cryo Preservation of Embryos: In this treatment, embryos are conserved for a long period at below freezing temperature. These are then used without even requiring ovarian stimulation or egg retrieval.
  • Assisted Hatching: In this procedure, either a hole is drilled to the outer cover of patients’ egg, thus thinning it or Zona Pellucid is altered. By doing so, the implantation/hatching of embryos is achieved which were earlier unable to break out from Zona Pellucida.
  • Semen Bank: Apollo Hospital has started a Sperm donation bank where several donors come to donate semen which is then stored in frozen in unique ways. Semen possessing different physical attributes are stored in separate columns and provided to individuals as per their requirements. There is no danger as the donors are thoroughly examined for any genetic disorders before approving their donation.
  • Semen/Sperm Freezing: In this methodology, Semen is stored in frozen state for a long time at below freezing temperature. After a while, the analysis of the semen is conducted.

Are there any Risks involved in these procedures?

There are several risks involved in these procedures. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Congenital malformation in IVF babies
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Failure during some steps of IVF Treatment

Because of these threats, it is necessary for candidates going for going through these procedures to really make up their mind before opting for it.

What are the chances of Successful procedure?

The success ratio of the procedure is affected by several uncontrollable factors such as the patient’s age and abnormalities in the patient that caused infertility in the first. IVF has been successful to recover most of the abnormalities, though has so far failed to recover some other abnormalities. At the current moment, Apollo IVF centre boasts of a success rate of 30-40 % in every trial. Therefore, one must be really skeptic during the procedure.

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Karan Saxena is a literature student, with keen interest in writing about India and the world. His write-ups give an intricate, detailed version of the cultures and surroundings of the locations, he is writing about. All his write ups are thoroughly researched and completely accurate in providing factual details.

Cancer treatment in India – Modern Technology at Medieval Rates

Cancer is known as one of the most dreaded diseases, which leads to unrestrained division of harmful cells in a human body. Initially this leads to benign tumors and if not controlled on the initial stage, this tumor turns cancerous later on. With a high probability rate, Cancer can affect a person at any age. There are over 100 kinds of cancers, named after the organ or the cell from which they start. The biggest myth about cancer is that it cannot be cured and it leads to death. However, there are now several cases that people suffering from cancer have fought the disease are now leading a normal life. Because of the latest technology and constant development of its treatments, the cure of the disease of cancer gas been brought low.

Cancer treatment in India

Cancer treatment hospitals in India

Those searching for a hospital in India for the treatment of cancer have many options to choose from. Most of the cancer treatment hospitals in India are well-equipped with then latest technology and specialized medical professionals for its treatment.

Cancer Treatment Options in India

As far as the treatment of cancer is concerned, there are a number of options. The kind of treatment is picked on the basis of the state, the location, the type and the state of the disease. Following are the kinds of therapies:

Hormone Therapy – In Hormone therapy, the very hormones of the human body are put into use for changing the way the cancer-leading hormones are growing in the body of the patient.

Radiation Therapy – With Radiation therapy, cancer and some other diseases are eradicated with the use of ionizing radiation. Disease-leading cells along with their genetic material are smashed by using ionizing radiation in the very area that has to be treated. Radiation therapy also helps in making cell-growth nil in the future.

Chemotherapys – In chemotherapy, anti-cancer drugs are put into use, that helps in the destruction of cancerous cells. These drugs stop the growth and multiplication of cancer call at a particular point of their life cycle. The use and dosage of these drugs are based on the type of drug and cancer-type. Anti-cancer drugs are either applied to the skin, are injected into the muscles, put into the veins or are given orally. Chemotherapy is prescribed in-between rest periods of other alternate treatments.

Biological Therapy or Immunotherapy – In Immunotherapy, the immune system of a human body is used directly or indirectly for fighting cancer. This therapy is also helpful in the reduction of the side effects that might have developed because of any other cancer treatments.

Surgery – The very name suggests that in this case the cancerous tumor is removed with the help of surgery. In a surgical procedure, not only the tumor but the nearby tissues and lymph nodes might also be removed for further safety. In this kind of a treatment, both conventional and modern technology is used.

Alternative and Complementary Therapy – Alternate and complementary therapy includes the used of acupuncture and homeopathy.

Affordable Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment cost in India is extremely affordable and because of the same factor patients from all around the world visit India for treatments. Hospitals in India are known for offering world-class medical services, latest state-of-art technology, personalized care coupled with medical expertise. Some of the cancer hospitals in India are known all around the world for housing services of highly-qualified surgeons and doctors. Another great advantage is that the ‘waiting-time’ is also quite less.

Cancer treatment in Apollo hospitals

Cancer Treatments in Apollo, India are one of the most sought-after ones. Patients here get excellent world-class services in the treatment of this disease. Apollo hospitals in Chennai and Hyderabad are the most renowned ones. These hospitals have highly-skilled health care professionals and assisting staff. Apollo Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad is an all-inclusive cancer care center with a multidisciplinary approach as far as cancer treatment is concerned. The hospital is equipped with the latest and most advanced Radiation Oncology that has Clinac iX, Novalis Tx and HDR-Brachytherapy.

Apollo hospital Chennai is one of the best cancer hospitals and one of the pioneers of Medical Tourism in India, which is well-equipped with latest surgical and radiation cancer experts. It is known for offering quick treatment, with great precision while keeping into consideration with comforts of the patients.

Skin Surgery in India

India has made its mark in medical tourism over the last few years, because of the numerous advanced medical treatments and facilities that have been built in India. For medical tourism, India has become the first choice for all tourists from all around the world because of the constant improving infrastructure in India.

With a medical tour to India, tourists do not only enjoy the benefits of excellent medical treatments at affordable rates but also have an enjoyable vacation.

Skin Surgery is one of the various medical facilities in India that shown a drastic improvement in last 10 years. India has become a preferred destination for all kinds of skin surgery treatments among population of various countries.

Skin Surgery in India

Skin Surgery in India

What is Skin Surgery?

Firstly, one should understand that taking care of skin is not vital just to maintain a good physical appearance but it is also important to protect body’s internal organs.

A healthy skin produces Vitamin D in the body and also protects the organs from viruses and bacteria.

To maintain a healthy skin, to get rid of deformities of skin caused by some injury or burn and even to maintain a glowing appearance, Skin surgery treatments are very crucial and useful.

What are some of the common Skin Disorders among people?

Toxic epidermal neurolysis: This disease is caused mainly by bacterial infection or improper reaction to drugs. It is eminent to take proper medication during this skin ailment as it causes burn marks, pain, anxiety and even death in certain cases.

Stevens Johnson syndrome: The major symptoms of this disease include red rashes all over the body, formation of blisters around eyes, vaginal and mouth regions, loss of hair, peeling of nails and inflammation of mucous membrane.

Psoriasis: This long-period skin disorder leads to formation of open sores in skin that finally leads to white scales and dead skin in nails, back, chest, legs, scalp and arms.

Vitiligo: This skin disorder leads to the formation of white patches due to formation of melanocytes. This disorder is caused by stress.

What are the various skin treatments available in Indian Hospitals?

Facial Blood Vessels: Various biological, environmental and sociological factors can cause development of blood vessels on facial skin.

The most efficient and effective treatment of facial blood vessels is the pulse dye laser. The newly created, highly advanced V-Beam laser has proven most effective in treatment of blood vessel of any kind of facial skin.

Brown Spots: Environmental and Genetic reasons can cause the formation of “age spots” on facial skin. Advanced Laser treatments such as NdYAG or Qswitched Alexandrite lasers have proven efficient in curing the skin ailment. Other methods employed for treatment of age spots include intense pulse light and Photofacials. Fraxel Laser has also proven useful for removal of scars, pores, textures, wrinkles and acne other skin imperfections.

Hair Removal: Laser treatments have proven useful for removal for unwanted bodily hair.

Leg Veins: For removing leg veins, Sclerotherapy, which as an injection of fluids into the veins and long pulsed NdYag laser technique have proven effective.

Birth Marks: For removal of birth marks V-Beam laser has proven efficient. Pigmented birthmarks are treated with pigment lasers techniques including NDYAG and Alexandrite lasers.

Wrinkles: Fraxel Laser is an effective treatment for removing wrinkles and facial lines and various other pigmentations and imperfections. Sun damaged skin can be resurfaced using laser peel or CO2 laser techniques.

Acne and Surgical Scars: Resurfacing lasers like CO2 or erbium or Fraxel Laser have proven successful in removing acne scars.

Photodamage of the Neck and Chest: Laser techniques have been successful in treatment of Photodamages to skins.

Melasma: Fraxel Lasers is proven efficient for treatment of Melasma, which is facial pigmentation in women skin caused by sun or birth control pills.

Tattoo Removal: The NdYag or Q switched Alexandrite can help in removal of tattoo from skin.

Stretch Marks: During pregnancy or puberty, since the body weight grows suddenly, it causes stretch marks in body which can be cured using V-Beam laser or pulse dye laser.

Cryotherapy: The process in which extreme cold waves are applied to the germs-affected areas of skin is called as Cryotherapy which has proven efficient for skin cancer treatments.

Chemical peels: One of the most efficient ways to cure wrinkles, skin pigmentation and facial blemishes is the application of chemical solution on the damaged skin.

Mohs micrographic surgery: The surgery includes removal of layers of skin and its examination under microscopes for any dead cells to locate skin and remove skin tumors.

Any other Services offered by Indian Hospitals?

Other services include:

• Axillae
• Cryotherapy
• Patch tests for patients with contact dermatitis
• Chemical peels
• Allergy skin-testing
• Electro-Cauterisation
• Cutaneous surgery for skin and nail diseases
• Treating hyperhidrosis
• Microdermabrasion
• Cosmetic Dermatology
• Alleviating wrinkles around forehead and eyes

Why Chose India for Skin Surgery Tourism?

The hospitals in India have some of the most educated and professional doctors. Indian doctors are perfectly capable and qualified for solving any kind of ailment or disease. And all the treatments in India are available at a very economical price when it is compared to medical tourism in countries like USA or England. Hence, for skin surgery treatment, India is the country one must chose to visit.

One of the most efficient medical facilities for skin treatments in India is Apollo’s Dermatology Department which has all the equipments and requirements that are required to deal with skin treatment cases. The doctors in this facility are keen to always give helpful advices and tips to maintain proper skin.

Contributed by:
Karan Saxena is a literature student, with keen interest in writing about India and the world. His write-ups give an intricate, detailed version of the cultures and surroundings of the locations, he is writing about. All his write ups are thoroughly researched and completely accurate in providing factual details.

BNWCCC Kolkata A New Ray Of Hope For Intended Parents

In Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Centre (BNWCCC), Genomee is particularly a fertility clinic that provides a new ray of hope for intended parents. The clinic specializes in providing effective and reliable solution to the complete range of infertility services. Out of various solutions, Surrogacy is one such solution for females suffering from any kind of infertility issues. In this procedure, a woman carries a pregnancy and delivers a baby for another woman. Since the inception of Genomee Kolkata, Surrogacy has been proven successful.

IVF Surrogacy in India


The categorization of surrogates could be done into two broad categories, such as:

1. The gametes of the intended parents are used to produce an embryo and then inserted into the uterus of the surrogate mother. If in case, any of the intended parents is suffering from infertility, they could use the donated sperms or eggs. As a result of the arrangement, the surrogate mother is in no way genetically related to the newborn baby.

2. The sperm of the intended father is inseminated with the eggs of the surrogate mother. This solution makes the new born child genetically related to the surrogate mother and intended father, not the intended mother. This type of surrogacy is only suggested in case the eggs of the intended mother are unable to fertilize.

IVF Surrogacy

IVF is a very common and popular as ‘Test Tube Baby’. This is one technique, which is in practice in fertility clinics, all round the globe. In this technique, the ovum is fertilized outside the body and then the embryo (fertilized ovum) is transferred into the surrogate mother’s uterus.

IVF Surrogacy is advisable only under the following conditions:

• If the ovary of a woman is unable to produce eggs due to uterine conditions or hysterectomy.
• If the uterus of a woman is damaged or malformed, and is not capable to carry a pregnancy.
• If a woman suffers from medical conditions such as diabetes or kidney & heart diseases.
• If Medical Panel at Genomee recommends for surrogacy.

Medical Indications

There are various medical indications that are looked for, before recommending surrogacy. Some of the following are:

Recurrent miscarriage
Absence of uterus
Pregnancy unsafe medical conditions
Repeated failure of embryo implantation


The experts at Genomee Kolkata also perform various checks to determine the characteristics of an ideal surrogate mother. Some of the characteristics are as mentioned below:

• The candidate has to be generally less than 35 years of age.
• Must have one child at least.
• Normal BMI (Body-Mass Index) is required.
• The candidate should not have suffered through any medical condition through pregnancy or at the time of delivery.
• The partner should be supportive enough to understand all aspects of the situation.
• A stable heterosexual relationship.
• During treatment, using barrier contraceptives.

The evaluation of the surrogate mother at Genomee includes motivation, her past & present social & health history, her support system, her physical ability to conceive, and her psychological outlook and emotional stability.


The experts, at Genomee BNWCCC Kolkata, emphasize on proper & detailed counseling prior to the commencement of the procedure. It is to be noted that counseling is one important necessity to contemplate any surrogacy. The counseling is thoroughly carried for both host and genetic couples. This is also considered important due to various psychological, ethical and legal issues concerned surrogacy. The Counselors and Medical Panel at Genomee ensures careful implications of the procedure.

There are four different types of counseling provided at Genomee BNWCCC Kolkata:

Information Counseling
Implication Counseling
Support Counseling
Therapeutic Counseling

The Medical Panel at Genomee is always in contact with the recipient couple and the surrogate to supervise the regular progress of the surrogacy. Genomee also accepts surrogates brought by the couple. Apart from this, Genomee also helps the couples to source the surrogate in India, complying the legal guidelines.

Contributed by:- Neelam Talreja
Neelam Talreja is in writing articles, blogs, research papers, Whitepapers, and technology reviews on topics varying from Medical Treatment facilities to Medical Tourism in India. Her works include a comprehensive guide for first time travelers in India looking for affordable Cosmetic Surgery, IVF Treatments, Cardiology Treatments, etc., in India.

What Works in Favor of India in Making it World Best Medical Tourism Destination

It was a lazy afternoon and I was busy surfing my FACEBOOK account when a chat pop appeared on the screen. It was Jaden whom I have met over this social networking site, a year ago. He was a Canadian resident. After formal greetings he revealed that his aunt was suffering from a serious heart condition and needed to undergo a major bypass surgery. The cost of bypass surgery was very high so all this while he was making a frenetic search on the internet in regards to know about the countries where the same surgery could be performed at a comparatively low price without compromising with quality and standards.

I told him why doesn’t he considers India in this regard, as India in the recent times has come out as one of the most favored Medical tourism destinations. In India, a combination of traditional and modern medical treatments are offered to the patient to choose from. The country is best known for its expertise in Cardiology treatments. The doctors in India have an impressive track record in the context of the complex heart operations and boast a death rate from complications i.e. half of what is recorded in the US.

Adding on further I told him that lower cost of medical treatments in India is one of the biggest drivers, as at times the cost of certain complex surgeries can be as low as that of one-tenth of what people might pay in their home countries. Though the travelling cost can be seen as an overhead but when compared to the total cost of surgeries at home they might save one from spending a significant part of ones hard earned fortune.

Then he showed his concern about the long waiting time his aunt might be subjected to before undergoing surgery. I assured him that these issues are faced majorly by the westerns in their home country. In India it is possible to fix treatments and surgeries almost without any waiting time.

Other factors that work in favor of medical tourism in India is that the country has a great number of US FDA approved drug manufacturing units and its healthcare system is largely based on western medicine.

Another concern which was raised by him was about the communication problem to which I answered that India has a large English-speaking population. I also told him that besides this India offers its visitors with a wide range of wellness tourism options like ayurveda, massages, yoga, acupuncture and naturopathy, as the medicine system in India largely believes in prevention. Hence soon after recovering from the surgery one can enroll themselves with some of the benefiting yoga sessions and Ayurvedic sessions along with enjoying a sightseeing trip in the country.

The medical tourism in India has benefited a large number of the population of the world but still it is essential to consult ones doctors and the medical tourism provider before making a decision about traveling so far to get the medical treatments. I also recommended him to get to know the experience of people who have undergone similar treatments in India.

Finally after five months Jaden visited India with his ailing aunt who got her bypass surgery done at one of the renowned hospitals in Delhi.

India – Perfect Destination For Affordable Cosmetic Surgery

It is rightly said “Growing Old Is Inevitable, But Looking Young Is Negotiable.” People have understood the importance of self-improvement required for both professional and social reasons. This requirement of the society has made cosmetic surgery very popular. Undoubtedly eating good, exercise and proper skin care are effective, but there is still the requirement a real structural change. To fulfill the specific requirements of the individuals in the context of structural change, there are cosmetic surgeries available in various medical institutes of India. May it be for enhancing the looks, sensuality, looks or physical appeal, there are effective surgeries available. There are numerous cosmetic surgeons, in the cosmetic surgeries institutes in India, praised for the excellent work record.


Why To Consider Cosmetic Surgery?

If you are dissatisfied or want to alter anything in your appearance, you may opt for cosmetic surgery. The development in technology and procedures has resulted in higher success rates in cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is not only to look better but to feel better.

There are majorly two groups that divide the modern world. The one group focuses on the physical beauty while the other group focuses upon the inner beauty. In the competitive world, the appearance has attained huge importance. Thus, people along with feeling good, also want to look good in appearance.

images (1)

Wanting a change in physical appearance is not wrong, some do it through exercising, dieting, and similar lifestyle changes. But there are some changes that require cosmetic surgery.
Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery:

Enhanced Self-Confidence: Bettered interpersonal relationships and social lives. Along with this, enhanced enjoyment of various leisure activities.
Recognition & Success: There have been various surveys conducted that prove people who look better perform well and are readily accepted by others.
Physical & Emotional Well-Being: Positive effect is directed through an improved appearance. High self-image/confidence helps in the physical and emotional well-being of an individual.
Happiness: No matter what part of your appearance you are unhappy with. Cosmetic surgery is available and is therefore one of the safest ways for physical alteration.

images (2)

Cosmetic Surgery Cost:

India is a good suggestion for people looking for effective and successful cosmetic surgery at affordable prices. The world-care healthcare and high success rate have attracted people to visit India more likely for cosmetic surgery in comparison to Europe and USA. The records state that in the year 2002, about 150,000 foreign patients travelled to India. This year it is expected to be around half a million foreign patients for medical care.

Being the leader in medical tourism packages, India is also experiencing growth in the industry. The growth is recorded to be more than 30% annually. The Indian Medical Industry has also become a multi billion pound industry. Cheap cosmetic surgery in India is also one of the reasons in enhancing the annual footfall from all across the Globe.

Why Is Cosmetic Surgery Lower In Cost?

The lower cost of Cosmetic surgery is due to the lower infrastructural cost. But, the hospitals in India are praised for their world-class amenities and Doctors and Surgeons. The rise in the medical tourism has inversely resulted in a 90% drop in the cost of cosmetic surgery in India. Medical tourism in India is the assurance of world-class treatment at affordable cost along with the option to enjoy a much awaited vacation in India. If we compare the cost and talk about the saving cost, in USA an extensive facelift surgery would cost around $20,000. But In India, You would save around $17,000 as an extensive facelift surgery is available around $3,000. Thus, saving is one important factor that makes India a prior choice for cosmetic surgery.

Apollo Fertility & IVF Center – At A Glance

The Apollo Fertility and IVF Center is earning huge appreciation in the medical industry for providing the complete array of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services to help a patient deliver a child. The priority of the organization is to ensure successful results in infertility treatment with reduced invasion. The doctors and professionals at the branches of the Apollo Fertility and IVF Center recommend for a proper examination of the patient, so that the professional could suggest the most appropriate treatment.



Assisted Reproductive Technology

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is a medical technique that includes attempts to get pregnant through other than by intercourse. Here are some of the methods available at Apollo Fertility and IVF Center:

1. Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI): In this process, the processed semen is directly placed in the uterus of the patient, using a catheter. To ensure better results, IUI is done in a natural cycle. It is done after Ovarian stimulation / ovulation induction, through appropriate fertility enhancing drugs.

2. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Embryo Transfer (ET): This process is very popular as ‘Test Tube Baby’. In Vitro Fertilization the ovum is fertilized outside the body and thereafter, the fertilized ovum (embryo) is transferred into the uterus of the patient. This technique is practiced all over the globe.


3. Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): In the field of IVF, the ICSI has been a technological breakthrough. This method is to overcome the unfitness of sperm to fertilize an egg. In order to achieve fertilization, the sperm is directly infused into the cytoplasm of an egg. The procedure is same as that involved in IVF. The only difference is the fertilization is attained using a micromanipulator. In some cases, when there is an absence of sperm in the ejaculation, the sperm could be retrieved from the epididymis / testis. For retrieval, techniques such as MESA (Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration), TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction), PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration), and TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration) are used.


4. IVF using Donor Oocyte (Eggs): If the eggs of the patient fail to fertilize or patient is unable to produce their own eggs during an IVF cycle due to inadequate Oocyte quality, the patients are helped by utilizing eggs of other women (Donor Oocyte). Surrogacy and replacement of donor embryos are other alternates available for the infertile couple.

5. Assisted Hatching: This procedure is dependent on the fact that an undulation in the zona pellucida (outer covering of the egg) by thinning it or drilling a hole. This procedure will promote implantation or hatching of embryos, unable to break out intact from the outer covering of the egg (zona pellucid).

6. Cryo Preservation of Embryos: for many years, the Surplus (excess) Embryos at ultra low temperature can be cryo-preserved. Later, the frozen embryos could be used without egg retrieval and ovarian stimulation. The rate of pregnancy is relatively lower through frozen embryos in comparison to fresh embryos.



Semen / Sperm Freezing: For Apollo Fertility Treatment, the hospital is well equipped to store the Semen/Sperm or testicular biopsies at ultra low temperatures for a longer duration. The storage is future analysis or use.

Semen Bank: The hospital also boasts of its own semen bank. In this bank, frozen sperm from voluntary donors are stored. The sperms are characterized on the basis of different physical traits and backgrounds, meeting the individual needs. The donors are thoroughly screened to avoid any transmission of genetic or infectious diseases.

Risks Involved

• Multiple Pregnancy
• Ectopic Pregnancy
• Failure at different steps of IVF Treatment
• Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
• Congenital malformation in IVF babies is no more compared to the general population

Success Rate

The success rate of any treatment is one of the major aspects of influencing medical tourism in India. The age of the patient is the factor of consideration for IVF treatment. Along with this, experts and professionals in the hospital also ensure that the patient is free from abnormalities and factors that lead to infertility. According to the latest survey, the hospital has 30% – 40% pregnancy rate per attempt.