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Structures near Humayun's Tomb


Built by Humayun's widow, Bega Begum in 1565, Humayun's Tomb is one of the important tourist destinations of Delhi. It is designed on Persian four-garden style. There are graves of many other Mughal rulers like Bahadur Shah II and Structures near Humayun's Tomb.

Structures near Humayun's Tomb

Some of the nearby attractions are

Barber's Tomb - built on the south eastern side of Humayun's Tomb to commemorate Humayun's favorite barber. The barber is believed to play a significant role in the lives of the Mughal rulers.

Arab-Sarai - it was built to commemorate the lives of 300 Arabs whom Bega Begum, the wife of Shah Jahan, had brought from Mecca. It is built near the eastern gate of Bu Halima's Garden. Arab-Sarai is divided into two quadrangles.

Afsarwala Mosque and Tomb - it is believed that the mosque and the tomb were built during 1566 and 1567. The mosque has three arched gateways.

Bu Halima's Garden and Tomb - it is believed that Bu Halima was Mughal noblewoman and played an important part in Babur's dynasty. The beautiful structure of the garden and the tomb attracts tourists visiting Delhi.

Isa Khan's Tomb and Mosque - the octagonal tomb of Isa Khan lies on the southwestern end of Bu Halima's garden. Isa Khan was a nobleman of Sher Shah's court. The architecture and reflects the incomparable skill and craftsmanship of Indian artists.

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