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Nearby Attractions, Humayun's Tomb


Built in 1565 by Humayun's widow, Bega Begum the Tomb of Humayun showcases beautiful architecture and incredible craftsmanship. The tomb is designed in traditional Persian style of architecture. The intricate carvings, the gardens and the interior designs are marvelous.

Nearby Attractions, Humayun's Tomb

Some of the nearby attractions are

India Gate - it was built in memory of 90,000 soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country during World War I. It is a popular tourist place in Delhi. India Gate is also known as the All India War Memorial.

Ashokan Rock Edict - located near the Raja Dhirshain Marg, Ashokan Rock Edict is an engraved rock face which reflects the architecture and skill of craftsmen of the Ashokan period.

Nizam-ud-din's Shrine - Nizam-ud-din was the famous 12th century saint. The Basant Festival is celebrated in the shrine.

Kairul Manzil Masjid - Built by Maham Anga in 1561, the mosque is built opposite the Delhi Zoo.

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