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With the expertise and experience of handling 100,000 patients a year, Apollo Hyderabad is one of the best hospitals in the country. The Apollo Hyderabad is equipped with 350 beds. It is a multi speciality hospital that offers the expertise of 50 specialties and super specialties. There are also 10 Centers of Excellence in the hospital that supports education and research. PET CT is one of the path breaking technologies that is present in this hospital. It mainly involves three steps like Pre Tx, Post TX and Sodium Fluoride F18 Bone Scan. This technology helps to provide appropriate treatment for various types of diseases. There are certain PET CT uitlization guidelines to utilize this technology to ensure the optimum utilization of this technology. Different medical conditions require different procedure to utilize. The PET CT Utilization Guidelines are as follows:


Ischemic Heart Disease � It is a particular clinical condition that is indicated by Myocardial Ischemia. The best time to utilize PET/CT in treating this clinical condition is to engage an Ammonia PET Scan. It ensures 95 % sensitivity and specificity. The Ischemic Heart Disease is also indicated by myocardial viability. The way to utilize PET/CT in this scenario is to ensure a FDG PET Scan with Gold Standard to assess cardiac viability.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy Idiopathic ventricular tachycardia, Cardiac Sarcoidosis � This clinical condition is indicated by inflammatory myocarditis. It is treated with FDG PET Scan with a high flat low carbohydrate diet.

Bone Scan

Sodium Fluoride F18 PET-CT Scan � This is usually indicated by all common cancers.PET/CT can be utilized by doing a metastatic survey as it has higher sensitivity and efficacy. However, if it is indicated by orthopedic conditions then anatomic CT localization of lesions can be utilized.

Non Oncological FDG Applications are usually indicated by PUO Orhtopaedics. PET CT can be utilized for the etiology of fever, infected prosthesis and diabetic foot.


Brain Tumors � It is indicated by post radiation, which evaluates to recurrence. The technology can be utilized to assess suspected recurrence and also in guiding Rad Tx planning.

Head & Neck Cancers can also be indicated by this PET CT as it is indicated by staging, restaging, radiation treatment planning and Tx monitoring. The utilization comes in the form of enactment to guide Tx. Determination of Tx effectiveness and for the assessment of recurrence. It can also be utilized for Guiding Tx planning.

Thyroid cancer has the indication of restaging iodine negative metastases with Tx monitoring. In this circumstances, PET CT can be utilized for restaging suspected recurrence, post I � 131 ablation and (-) I- 131 Dx WB Scan.

Solitary Pulmonary Nodule is mainly characterized by Benign vs Malignant. It can be utilized by using PET CT scan for Pulmonaty Module measuring more than 0.5 cm and less than 4 cm. It helps in follow up 3 m with CT and Biopsy and Tx.

Lung Cancer treatment is also benefited by PET CT as is indicated by diagnosis, staging, restaging , Radiation treatment planning, Tx monitoring. The technology cab be utilized for confirmation of following path, determine Tx effectiveness, assessment of Pre and Post Tx metastatic, guidance in Rad Tx planning and assessment of suspected recurrence.

Breast Cancer is another medical condition that can be treated making use of PET CT. it is indicated by W/B staging, T x monitoring, restaging. The use of PET CT can be utilized for initial staging of distance metastates to guide Tx, for the pre and post Chemo for effectiveness of Tx, guiding Rad Tx planning and for the assessment of possible recurrence.

Colorectal Cancer is also benefited by the use of this technology. Indicated by the staging, restaging, and Tx monitoring, PET CT will ensure confirmation of following path, pre and post surgical metastatic assessment, recurrence with rising CEA, determination of TX effectiveness and guiding Rad Tx planning.

Reproductive Tract Tumors

Cervical & Endometrial Cancer is usually indicated by initial staging, restaging and radiation treatment planning. PET CT can be utilized for the initial staging following (-) or for equivocal CT or MRI. It also helps in guiding Tx planning and for suspecting recurrence with the rise in CA125.

Ovarian cancer is usually involves initial staging, restaging and Tx monitoring. Use of PET CT can be utilized for initial staging along with equivocal CT or MRI. This latest technology will also help in guiding Rad Tx Planning and also for suspected recurrence with rise in the CA 125.

Testicular clinical condition in male is also benefited by the use of this latest technology. Use of PET CT helps in suspected recurrence with rising tumor markers (BHCG)

Perile Prostate is indicated by evaluation of lymph of nodal masses as detected by the CT/MRI. Usage of the latest technology will reveal High Gleason�s Score/Rising PSA.

Lymphomas are also treated with PET CT for guiding Tx stage known disease. It also helps pre and post chemo monitoring along with guiding the Tx planning.

Unknown Primary is a clinical condition that is indicated by staging guiding biopsy. PET CT is best utilized when it is used to identify primary tumor pre and post therapy.


Epilepsy/ Refractory Seizures are treated with the help of PET CT for localizing seizure focus before surgery.

Dementia involves diagnosis and differentiation from Parkinson�s Plus Syndromes. PET CT is utilized to differentiate it from Alzhemier�s disease from other varieties of dementia. It also helps in differentiating between MSA, PSP, CBGD.

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