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Novalis Tx

Noivalis Tx radiosurgery & radiotherapy is a cutting edge technology that makes use of high tech radiation delivery system along with modern image guidance and motion management tools. It is a state-of-the-art system that rotates in order to deliver treatment beams. It is equipped with the technology to deliver beams in any part of the body and at any angle. This proves to be very helpful for doctors as the sophisticated tools provide detailed information about the shape, size and position of the tumor. The valuable data gathered helps a lot during the treatment.

Novalis Tx is usually used for treating cancerous and non-cancerous conditions of body. It involves a number of procedures like SRS, SRT for Brain; Rapid Arc; IGRT; SRS, SRT for whole body and GATING.

This technology provides a number of benefits in various medical treatments. This cutting edge technology has helped in treating a number of cancer patients. In fact, it has redefined cancer treatment and has developed into an efficient cancer fighting tool.

Features & Benefits of Novalis Tx

Novalis Tx radiosurgery & radiotherapy involves a number of path breaking techniques. Some of the features and its relevant benefits are as follows:

  • The Rapid ARC Technique - The Rapid Arc Technique is equipped to deliver treatment within a lot of urgency. Use of dynamic collimeter and gantry movement ensures the success.
  • Novalis Tx also ensures utmost accuracy by arresting any possibility of tumor movements.
  • The technology is also equipped to offer one time treatment or a series of treatments. It depends on the doctor´┐Żs recommendation.
  • The effectiveness of this technology lies in the fact that it treats tumors deep inside the body and delivers the highest steep rates.
  • The use of Novalis Tx radiosurgery & radiotherapy also plays an alternate to surgeries. This gives a lot of hope to patients for whom surgery is not a viable option.
  • Accuracy is one of the features of Novalis Tx. It perfectly shapes up the cancer fighting radiation beam to targeted parts of the tumor. This ensures that the tumor is treated with the appropriate dose of high energy radiation.
  • It also helps in protecting the healthy tissues surrounding the tumor or lesion.
  • The treatment is also adaptable to the breathing and body movements and thus is a safe and accurate option.
  • Novalis Tx radiosurgery and radiotherapy is also a much more comfortable and non-invasive alternative to other radiosurgeries and radiotherapy systems.

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Novalis Tx
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