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Nizamuddin's Tomb in Delhi

Fast facts about Nizamuddin's Tomb in Delhi

When it was built: 14th century
Nature of the building: Tomb

History of Nizamuddin's Tomb in Delhi
Nizamuddin's Tomb in Delhi is placed off Mathura Road the east end of Lodi Road. History says that the erection of the tomb of the famous Sufi saint, Nizamuddin Chisti who died in 1325 , aged 92, led to a dispute between construction of the tomb and that of Tughlaqabad. Nizammudin village, which now is placed behind the residential suburb of Nizammudin, gradually grew up around the shrine of Sheikh Niz Aulia or Nizamuddin Chisti.

Features of Nizamuddin's Tomb in Delhi

  -   Nizamuddin's Tomb in Delhi has a large tank
  -   Jamat-at-Khana Mosque is situated on the west of the central shrine.
  -   The arches of the tomb are richly decorated and reflect the typical Khalji design, which you will also see at Ala'I Darwaza in the Qutub Minar.
  -   If you go towards the south of the main tomb, you will notice the grave of princess Jahanara, Shahajahans's daughter behind the crafted screens. Jahnara had spent with the emperor his last days when he was imprisoned in Agra Fort. The epitaph written by her says- "Let naught cover my grave save the green grass, for grass suffices as the covering of the lowly"
  -   Pilgrims congregate twice a year here for Urs fair which commemorates the anniversary of Nizamuddin Chisti and his disciple, Amir Khusrau, even whose tomb lie nearby.

Don't Miss in Nizamuddin's Tomb in Delhi

You must watch the Qawaali performance in Nizamuddin's Tomb in Delhi
every Friday, which are bound to touch your heart.

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