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History of Nizamuddin's Tomb

The History of Nizamuddin's Tomb is very interesting indeed. The famous Sufi Saint Sheikh Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Chisti was loved and revered by all. Irrespective of caste, religion and color, people respected him. This was because he himself was an extremely tolerant man. His large mindedness made him follow an attitude of leniency towards other religions. He was liberal and popular among everybody. It is believed that he even had the power of foretelling what was to happen in the future.

Now after his death in the year 1325 at the age of 92, a tomb was erected in his honor in Nizamuddin village. Unfortunately this original tomb no longer exists. It has undergone a lot of repair work at the hands of several individuals and what finally stands today is the combined effort of many.

It was first touched about a century later. In the mid fifteenth century, a nobleman by the name of Faridun Khan rebuilt it.

Firoz Shah Tughlaq was the next king who undertook the task of renovation. The later rulers also decorated and renovated this Tomb and made the History of Nizamuddin's Tomb richer.

A mosque and several tombs surround the tomb of Nizzamuddin. This is because many people wanted to rest in peace after their death near this great man.

The Mughal Emperor Shahjahan also made several additions to this monument. The majestic pavilion with marble arches and latticed screens commonly referred to as jallis are his contributions to this tomb.

The secular Emperor Akbar is also credited with the construction of the dome of the tomb of Nizzamuddin. Vertical stripes of black marble with lotus cresting adorn the dome. This enhances to a great degree the beauty of the tomb. After reading about the History of Nizamuddin's Tomb you will surely not like to miss out on this shrine.

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