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Jamali Kamali

Jamali is the pseudonym of one of the greatest poets and saints who loved during the reign of Sukander Sikander Lodi till the time o the Mughul Emperor Humayun, The Jamali Kamali mosque as well as the tombs are located near the Archeolgical Survey of India Park. The Mosque is decorated with stuccowork and an impressive architectural style that is a transition between the styles of Moth-ki-Masjid and Sher Shah's mosque. The Jamali Kamali tomb is located within a large courtyard, north of the Mosque. The name Jamali Kamali comes from the two marble graves present there, one of which is that of Jamali while the other is the unidentified grave of Kamali. The chambers of Jamali Kamali is wonderfully ornamented with blue tiles and verses by Jamali.

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