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India Gate, New Delhi

Fast facts about India Gate, New Delhi

When it was built: 1921
By whom it was built: Edwin Lutyens
Nature of the building: Memorial

History of India Gate, New Delhi

Originally called the All India War Memorial, India Gate, New Delhi was built by Edwin Lutyens to commemorate the death of 90, 00 soldiers in the World War I and the Afghan Wars. The foundation stone was laid on 10 February 1921 by the Duke of Connaught. You can find the names of the soldiers who died in these wars inscribed on the walls of this monument. It was completed in 1931.

Since 1971 the Amar Jawan Jyoti has been burning under the India Gate, New Delhi. The flame of the immortal warrior marks the Unknown Soldier's Tomb.

Features of India Gate, New Delhi
India Gate, New Delhi is made of red stone that rises in stages into a huge molding. Names of over 70,000 Indian soldiers, in whose memory it is built, are inscribed on the walls of the monument the entire arch stands on a low base of red Bharatpur stone. Above on both sides is inscribed INDIA, flanked by MCM and to the right, XIX. The shallow domed bowl at the top was intended to be filled with burning oil on anniversaries.
At the base of the India Gate, New Delhi there is another memorial-the Amar Jawan Jyoti. It was added after independence. This eternal flame was lighted in commemoration of the unknown soldiers who laid their lives to serve this nation.

Special Feature of India Gate, New Delhi
Don't miss the Republic Day parade every year on 26th January. India gate stands witness to the latest advancements of defense technology which are displayed during the parade. Get a glimpse of the colorful and diverse cultural heritage of India as artists from all over the country perform on the Republic day celebration at India Gate, New Delhi. gives you all the information for a perfect tour around India Gate, New Delhi and other tourist places in Delhi.

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