Cancer treatment in India – Modern Technology at Medieval Rates

Cancer is known as one of the most dreaded diseases, which leads to unrestrained division of harmful cells in a human body. Initially this leads to benign tumors and if not controlled on the initial stage, this tumor turns cancerous later on. With a high probability rate, Cancer can affect a person at any age. There are over 100 kinds of cancers, named after the organ or the cell from which they start. The biggest myth about cancer is that it cannot be cured and it leads to death. However, there are now several cases that people suffering from cancer have fought the disease are now leading a normal life. Because of the latest technology and constant development of its treatments, the cure of the disease of cancer gas been brought low.

Cancer treatment in India

Cancer treatment hospitals in India

Those searching for a hospital in India for the treatment of cancer have many options to choose from. Most of the cancer treatment hospitals in India are well-equipped with then latest technology and specialized medical professionals for its treatment.

Cancer Treatment Options in India

As far as the treatment of cancer is concerned, there are a number of options. The kind of treatment is picked on the basis of the state, the location, the type and the state of the disease. Following are the kinds of therapies:

Hormone Therapy – In Hormone therapy, the very hormones of the human body are put into use for changing the way the cancer-leading hormones are growing in the body of the patient.

Radiation Therapy – With Radiation therapy, cancer and some other diseases are eradicated with the use of ionizing radiation. Disease-leading cells along with their genetic material are smashed by using ionizing radiation in the very area that has to be treated. Radiation therapy also helps in making cell-growth nil in the future.

Chemotherapys – In chemotherapy, anti-cancer drugs are put into use, that helps in the destruction of cancerous cells. These drugs stop the growth and multiplication of cancer call at a particular point of their life cycle. The use and dosage of these drugs are based on the type of drug and cancer-type. Anti-cancer drugs are either applied to the skin, are injected into the muscles, put into the veins or are given orally. Chemotherapy is prescribed in-between rest periods of other alternate treatments.

Biological Therapy or Immunotherapy – In Immunotherapy, the immune system of a human body is used directly or indirectly for fighting cancer. This therapy is also helpful in the reduction of the side effects that might have developed because of any other cancer treatments.

Surgery – The very name suggests that in this case the cancerous tumor is removed with the help of surgery. In a surgical procedure, not only the tumor but the nearby tissues and lymph nodes might also be removed for further safety. In this kind of a treatment, both conventional and modern technology is used.

Alternative and Complementary Therapy – Alternate and complementary therapy includes the used of acupuncture and homeopathy.

Affordable Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment cost in India is extremely affordable and because of the same factor patients from all around the world visit India for treatments. Hospitals in India are known for offering world-class medical services, latest state-of-art technology, personalized care coupled with medical expertise. Some of the cancer hospitals in India are known all around the world for housing services of highly-qualified surgeons and doctors. Another great advantage is that the ‘waiting-time’ is also quite less.

Cancer treatment in Apollo hospitals

Cancer Treatments in Apollo, India are one of the most sought-after ones. Patients here get excellent world-class services in the treatment of this disease. Apollo hospitals in Chennai and Hyderabad are the most renowned ones. These hospitals have highly-skilled health care professionals and assisting staff. Apollo Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad is an all-inclusive cancer care center with a multidisciplinary approach as far as cancer treatment is concerned. The hospital is equipped with the latest and most advanced Radiation Oncology that has Clinac iX, Novalis Tx and HDR-Brachytherapy.

Apollo hospital Chennai is one of the best cancer hospitals and one of the pioneers of Medical Tourism in India, which is well-equipped with latest surgical and radiation cancer experts. It is known for offering quick treatment, with great precision while keeping into consideration with comforts of the patients.

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