Hotels in Bangalore: Luxurious and Comfortable Accommodations at Astonishingly Low Prices!

One of the best destinations in India for a family tour is Bangalore in Karnataka. The metropolitan city of Bangalore (now Bengaluru) is regarded as the best city of the country. The climate in and around here is very pleasant throughout the year. It also has a vibrant nightlife with excessive drinking and rock music being its chief components. Tourists also love coming here for a taste of delicious cuisine and also for shopping excursions. Being the hub of India’s IT sector, Bangalore showcases the upcoming face of New India.

Because of all these reasons, the city is replete with numerous tourists who are on either vacations here or have come for some business venture. For the accommodations of all kind of tourists, the hotels in Bangalore are amazing options. Even if you have some relative living in this part of the country, still Bangalore hotels are more comfy options to stay in.

It is not an exaggerated statement if one says that best hotels in India are in this city. The accommodation facilities in Bangalore can be classified into various categories.

5-star hotels in Bangalore

5-star hotels in Bangalore, India

5-star hotels in Bangalore, India

Those who wish to experience it all in Bangalore and do not mind spending it a little extra must decide to stay in any of the luxury five-star hotels in the city. All these hotels are on top of their game when it comes to offer opulent comfort and splendid luxury to the guests. Because of this reason only, 5-star hotels in Bangalore are the primary choices of business tycoons, corporate industrialists, IT geniuses and South Indian film stars, when they visit the city.

All these hotels are built strategically, in some of the most posh societies around the city. The food of Bangalore 5-star hotels has been recognized all over the world and has received several accolades and awards over the years.

The international corporate can conduct any kind of business seminars, meetings, parties or even launching conventions with top quality business facilities in these hotels.

Some of the best 5-star hotels in Bangalore include Fortune Park Jp Celestial, The Oberoi Hotel Bangalore, The Park Hotel Bangalore, Hotel Leela Palace Bangalore, Taj West End Bangalore, Windsor Sheraton & Towers Bangalore, etc.

4-star hotels in Bangalore

4-star hotels in Bangalore, India

4-star hotels in Bangalore, India

Tourists who do not wish to keep themselves on their pre-decided budget, but want the top quality of services and facilities in the city, should simply book a stay in any of the deluxe 4-star hotels in Bangalore. All these hotels give a stiff competition to 5-star hotels in the city as they provide almost same kind of luxuries and comforts at very accommodating rates.

The hotel staff is very warm and treats every guest with traditional Bangalore hospitality. The tourists are often thrilled with the level of services they are being offered here. These hotels have become favorite accommodation facilities in the city for one and all.

Some of the best 4-star hotels in Bangalore include Taj Gateway Hotel Bangalore, The Capitol Bangalore, The Chancery Bangalore, Hotel Atria Bangalore, St. Marks Hotel Bangalore, The Jayamahal Palace Hotel Bangalore, etc.

3-star hotels in Bangalore

3-star hotels in Bangalore, India

3-star hotels in Bangalore, India

The most comfortable affordable hotels in Bangalore are the 3-star hotels. The guests who stay in these hotels are never left wanting for more and regretting their selection of hotel.

The rooms in every Bangalore 3-star hotel are elegantly furnished and beautifully decorated. All the modern day comforts and services are made available in all the rooms.

The food in these 3-star hotels comprises of multi-cuisine and brings out the essence of world class cooking. Even the business facilities in these hotels are top-notch and a business family really enjoys their stay in any of these hotels.

Some of the best 3-star hotels in Bangalore include Royal Orchid Harsha Bangalore, Regaalis Bangalore, Ramanashree Brunton Hotel Bangalore, Rest Inn Bangalore, Sn Paradise Hotel Bangalore, Vt Paradise Hotel Bangalore, etc.

Budget hotels in Bangalore

Budget hotels in Bangalore, India

Budget hotels in Bangalore, India

The tourists who decide to go on a tour to cosmopolitan city of Bangalore but are keen on spending thriftily, must book any of the budget hotels in the city. None of these hotels are disappointing and all of them ensure a comfy stay.

At surprisingly low rates, the guests could make the best of their stay in Bangalore. All these hotels are located nearby major attractions in the city and hence the tourists are also able to save money on traveling.

Some of the best budget hotels in Bangalore include Nalapad Residency Bangalore, Nilgiris Nest Bangalore, Pleasant Stay Inn Bangalore, Natasha Inn Bangalore, Maurya Hotel, Woodlands Hotel Bangalore, etc.

Spa Hotels in Bangalore

Spa Hotels in Bangalore, India

Spa Hotels in Bangalore, India

Most of the times, families and business tourists in Bangalore look to have a hotel where they could re-energize and rejuvenate themselves after tiring excursions in the city. For such purposes, there are several amazing Spa hotels in the city that ensures one could have a purely relaxing time.

All the spa resorts work with only one goal set in their minds: to not let tourists drain out after sightseeing or business activity in the city. The guests are treated with top quality Spa and sauna services and facilities in the hotel, so they could forget all their stresses and tensions.

The medical science of Ayurveda is mixed with modern therapeutic treatments in several spa resorts in the city. Some Bangalore spa hotels also practice some experimental spa techniques so that one could have a healthy mind and calm soul.

Check out various hotels in India by cities at affordable prices.

Some of the Spa Hotels in Bangalore include Holiday Village Bangalore, Ramanashree California Club & Resort Bangalore, Shakthi Hill Resorts Bangalore, Manipal County Bangalore, The Dominion Country Club Bangalore, etc.

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