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Siri Fort


Siri Fort, Delhi was built during the rule of Delhi Sultanate. The fort was constructed under the rule of Ala-ud-Din Khilji. Being threatened by the powerful tribe named Mongol, the city of Delhi was in a constant need of protection. Due to that reason the fort was built to protect Delhi from foreign attacks. The fort not only protected the city named Siri but also acted as one of the main Administrative centers as Ala-ud-din Khilji was in a constant move of expanding their kingdom. The fort is famous for its decoration and its famous Darwaza which is wonderfully decorated and the floors are decorated with marbles and other stone works. In the year 1303 Mongols attached and captured the fort and the fort was slowly destroyed not by any foreigners but the local rulers who used the stone and the bricks of the fort for their personal construction, like Sher Shah Suri used the materials to build his city. The desolated walls and the stolen stones can be seen even today and you can see the ruins of a fort which was once a pride of the city.

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