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Salimgarh Fort

Salimgarh Fort was constructed on an island of River Yamuna in the year 1546, by Islam Shah Suri, also called Salim Shah, son and successor of Sher Shah Suri. When only the walls of the fort were finished, Salim Shah suddenly died at an early age, and the construction got stopped. In 1622, King Jahangir constructed a bridge and the fort was joined with the mainland. Later the bridge was removed by the British when they built a railway track through it. Next, Emperor Shah Jahan connected the fort with Red Fort and ultimately, during Emperor Aurangzeb's rule, the Salimgarh Fort became a state prison. In the year 1945, leaders of Indian National Army were kept prisoners in this fort. The fort has now been renamed as Swatantrata Senani Smarak (Freedom Fighters' Memorial). The Salimgarh Fort in Old Delhi is covered by solid rubble masonry walls and is polygonal in shape to some extent. The entry to the fort is allowed from its gate on the northern side. The gate is built of brick masonry with red sandstone at places. The fort has several lofty citadels the ruins of which can be seen today.

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