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National Children's Museum

The National Children's Museum was founded in the year 1962 with a view to providing a great deal of pleasure to the young. At this museum the children who are the future of the nation are made acquainted with the rich cultural heritage of the country in a very interesting manner. They come to know of its varied traditions as well.

The National Children's Museum exhibits Indian as well as foreign toys with a view to catering to the taste of youngsters. There are several animals that are displayed as well. Some of them are made of stones; some are made of metals like bronze and some are even stuffed. Ethnic jewellery, utensils, different kinds of musical instruments and the dolls and currencies of different countries are also there for all to see.

However the special collections of the National Children Museum are definitely the masks and murals.

There are several permanent galleries in the National Children's Museum. The Sun Gallery introduces us to the Solar System. We come to know of the Sun and the different planets in the Universe.

The gallery Hamara Bharat not only speaks of the diverse religions that are followed in our country but also of those religions which originated here. It throws light on India's achievements in the field of Science and technology.

We boast of one of the oldest civilizations in history which is the Indus Valley civilization. Here it is possible to trace the onward progress of civilization in our country.

Several men sacrificed their lives so that we could achieve independence from the British. Like wise there are other innumerable valiant men who have taken birth in this soil. The Gaurav Gatha familiarizes the young with all these courageous individuals so that they can be inspired by their values and ideals.

A science park is there within the Nehru Children's Museum which really makes learning easy for all the children. See bright colorful fishes of various shapes and sizes moving about in the aquarium of this museum. A mini train takes you from one part of the museum to another and do not miss out on this thrilling ride.

There is a special Exhibition area within the Museum. Workshops are also organized here. If you are interested in knowing in details about this particular aspect then make sure that you read through Special Events National Children's Museum.

For all those who have already planned a trip to this museum which attempts at entertaining while educating, a glance through National Children's Museum Fast Facts will definitely be very useful.

The Nearby attractions of National Children's Museum are also well worth a visit.

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