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Sinusitis Surgery India

Bacterial infections of the sinus cavities cause acute sinusitis. Usually caused by allergy attack, cold or environmental pollutants. Normally Mucus in the sinuses drains into the nasal passage but during an allergy attack the sinuses become inflamed and are unable to drain the mucus. This often leads to congestion and infection. When there infection lasts over three months or there is frequent sinusitis, it could turn to chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis when left untreated can lead to damage of the sinus and cheekbones. Severe damage may require surgery to repair.

Bacterial Sinusitis:
After proper diagnosis of the type of sinusitis one should go for the antibiotic therapy. On nasal congestion nasal drops should be applied to clear the passage. However prolonged use of nasal drops is never recommended. One can get relief by using saline nasal sprays or inhale steam.

Sinusitis Surgery :

Sometimes to correct the sinus problem surgery is required. When medications do not correct nasal obstruction surgery has to be performed inside the nose, behind eyebrows, under the upper lip or near the nose or scalp.

Functional endoscopic Sinusitis surgery is suggested for many deformities in the sinus. A thin fiber optic tube called the endoscope, is inserted inside the nose. The surgeon looks inside the nose with the endoscope and removes the diseased tissues and clears up the channels between the sinuses. The surgery is performed through the nostrils and this results in no scarring.

Image Guided Surgery is generally recommended for those patients who suffer from serious form of sinusitis. The anatomy of the patientís nose is usually very unusual. Navigation of the nasal passage is done through images. It is a three-dimensional image mapping system. This system shows the surgeon the exact location of the surgical instruments while performing the surgery.

The Caldwell Luc Surgery is a surgery that requires the surgeon to create a passage through the upper jaw, above one of the second molar teeth. It is performed to clear the passageway to improve drainage and to remove any malignancy in the maxillary sinus.

(In US $)
Twin Sharing
(In US $)
1) Stapedectomy 2 Days 3000 2300


  • Prices are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.
  • These are indicative prices only and may vary depending on the conditon of the patient, at the time of admission.
  • Apollo will provide final estimates at the time of patient's admission.
  • Single room is well furnished with Bed, Sofa-cum-Bed for Companion, Cupboard, Medicine Drawer, TV, Telephone and Wi-fi facility for Internet access. Mobile phones are available on request.
  • Stay and food for one Companion with patient in a Single Room is included in the above packages.
  • Services like Mobile, Laundry etc. will be charged extra.
  • Post-stay outside the Hospital is at the personal expense of the patient and is not included in the above prices.
  • 1 US $ = INR 45

Cost of Cochlear Implant

Implant Unilateral (3 Days Package) Bilateral (5 Days Package)
Single Room (USD) Double Room (USD) Single Room (USD) Double Room (USD)
Hi Res 90 K Boinics Ear Hi Focus 1j 29,800 29,000 58,900 56,400
Hi Res 90 K Boinics Ear Hi Focus with Auria speech processor 20116 19,200 38,700 37,100
Nucleus Freedom Contour Advanced 31,750 30,800 61,950 60,350


  1. The above packages are inclusive of Post Op switch on of implant and Re-Hab for upto 4 weeks
  2. If the patient desires to stay in the city for complete rehab, he'll be charged additionally @ usd 120. 5000 per 4 weeks upto the maximum of Usd 240 for 8 weeks
  3. Post op stay in city/hospital over mentioned no. of days (3 or 5) is additional

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