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Refractive Eye Surgery

Refractive eye surgery is the surgery of the eye that reduces the refractive error of the eye. Nearsightedness or myopia, Farsightedness or hyperopia and the astigmatism are various refractive errors of the eye. A minimally invasive laser treatment which reshapes the cornea and helps the eye to focus properly is the laser vision correction of the eye. This treatment is effective enough to reduce or eliminate the use of contact lens or eye glasses.

Laser Eye Surgery
A minimally invasive laser treatment which reshapes the cornea and helps the eye to focus properly is the laser vision correction of the eye. This treatment is effective enough to reduce or eliminate the use of contact lens or eyeglasses. Lasik surgery stands for Laser In-situ Keratomileusis. It changes the shape of the cornea and the clear covering of the eye with the use of an excimer laser. It corrects the refractive errors. Microkeratome is the knife used to cut the covering of the cornea. Laser Surgery is an operation performed with a beam of light rather than a traditional scalpel. The radiation aids the surgeon to cut through tissues, cauterize a wound or repair damaged tissue. A laser beam can operate delicate tissues as it can be focused on a particular area.

Apollo Hospitalsí, The Ophthalmology Department provides adept surgical and as well as non-surgical treatment of eye ailments using modern technology.

LASIK - Lasik is a signifier for Laser in-situ Keratomileusis. It shapes the cornea-using laser. Reducing refractive errors reshapes the outer window of the eye or the cornea and the vision is corrected. A thin cover of the corneal tissue is cut with microkeratome.

Laser is used to remove the tissue needed for the corneal correction. The corneal cover is then replaced. Topical anaesthesia is used for the surgery. Corneal scarring is reduced, post-operative pain is eliminated and patient can be moved when topical anaesthesia is administered.

Excimer Laser
Majority of refractive eye errors are corrected through Excimer Laser. For photorefractive keratectomy the Excimer laser has been used. It is a cold laser which reshapes the cornea by using invisible and high-energy wavelengths of light.

PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy)
An ophthalmologist reshapes the surface of the cornea by Photorefractive Keratectomy method which uses the Excimer laser. It treats myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism.Patients undergoing this treatment usually take more time to heal than the Lasik patients.

Intacs or Intracorneal
Intacs or Intracorneal rings is correction of vision by implanting very thin rings into the cornea by an eye surgeon.

Radial Keratotomy
Radial Keratotomy is another method to correct nearsightedness that was very popular until PRK, Intacs and LASIK. It is a process where the surgeon places radial cuts in the peripheria of the cornea which naturally relaxes and flattens the central cornea. It is safe with rappid results.Rk is not very favorite among the ophthalmologists as it has been replaced by Lasik and intacs which has no structural weakening of the eye.

Limbal Relaxing Incisions
Modified version of astigmatic keratotomy is Limbal Relaxing Incisions that treats the astigmatism. When the cornea is not spherical, astigmatism is present. Limbal or peripheral incisions are make to make the cornea more round. It is a procedure which is often combined by the surgeons in a cataract operation to correct the pre-existing astigmatism error.

Implantable contact lenses (Phakic IOL)
Also known as the phakic intraocular lenses, an implantable contact lens is another refractive procedure that is presently being investigated. It is implantation of a thin intraocular lens without removing the natural lens. Both the Verisyse IOL and the Visian ICL correct the refractive errors effectively.

Clear lens replacement
Clearlens replacement is a procedure that helps to correct your refractive error by removing your natural lens completely and replacing it with the intraocular lens implant. It is similar to cataract operation with lens implant. It is a more invasive procedure than Lasik, PRK and Intacs and is more risky.

(In US $)
Twin Sharing
(In US $)
1) Cataract + Glaucoma 2 Days 2350 2000
2) Retinal Detachment 2 Days 2175 1900

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