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Hand Surgery

Advancement in technology has helped medical science to explore and experiment with intricate surgeries. Hand injuries or disorders in the hand since birth can be corrected with advanced surgical techniques that has proved to be of immense benefit to patients and has created a milestone in the hand surgery. Apollo hospitals have special department for hand surgeries with well-known surgeons operating on patients with remarkable results.

Hand Injuries

Most common hand surgeries include repairing injures of hands, nerves, tendons, blood vessels and joints. Bone fractures, burns and cuts are the other injuries to the skin that needs proper treatment and surgical correction and medication.

Plastic surgeons use numerous techniques to repair the damages done. Skin grafting, Flap Surgery, replantation and transplantation are the various surgical methods to restore the hands of its deformities.

Grafting: Grafting is transfer of nerves, tissues, skin and bone from other healthy parts of the body to repair the injured portion of the hand.

Flap Surgery requires moving from the healthy part of the body to the injured part, skin with the fat layer underneath, muscles, vessels and tissues.

Replantation involves microsurgery usually performed under magnification. These injuries are generally performed on accidentally amputated hands and may require various operations over a continued period of time.

Surgery of the hands may restore feelings and may function naturally after a period of time. Complete post operation therapy is needed for proper function.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
The wrist has a passageway called the carpal tunnel which carries tendons and one of the major nerve's of the hand. Due to various reasons such as injury, overuse, fluid retention during pregnancy or rheumatoid arthritis pressure may build up within the carpal tunnel. This results in a tingling sensation in the hand, ache and numbness.

Anti-inflammatory medicine or splinting of the hand is done to relieve the problems. However if there is no relief surgery has to be performed. The surgery is performed by making an incision in the midsection of the palm till the wrist. The tissue building pressure on the nerve is then cut off. Splints are used to dress up the wound and restrict movement and promote healing.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis is a crippling disease of the hand that restricts function as well as affects the appearance. The finger joints inflame and bend the fingers which restricts them from proper movement.

When therapy of the hands does not solve the problem surgery is the best option. Surgery does not cure rheumatoid arthritis so a regular visit to rheumatologist is needed for continuing care. The Surgeon repairs the part of the hand by eliminating the tissue from the swollen joints, repositions the tendons and implants artificial joints. Surgery can help one to make significant use of the hand.

Dupuytren's Contracture

It is a disorder of the skin in the palm area. The tissue underneath the palm gets thick and extends till the fingers. The thickened tissue extending till the palm pulls them towards the palm thus restricting proper movement. This is a disease which occurs in middle age but has no particular cause and is generally hereditary disease.
Surgery is the only treatment where the surgeon works on the thickened tissues by separating each of them carefully so as not to damage the nerves and free the tendons to allow significant movement of the hand. Sometimes skin grafts are also needed.

Congenital Defects
When one is born with deformities of the hand which may restrict one from proper movement, surgery is recommended. Generally congenital deformities include two or three fingers joined together which is called syndactyly. Operation involves cutting the tissues joining the fingers and using skin grafts from other parts of the body. Surgery becomes difficult when the bones are fused too. With modern techniques surgery can be performed as early as infancy. Defects corrected through surgery gives full movement of the hands while the color of the grafted skin can be slightly different from the rest of the hand.

Other congenital defects can be missing, deformed or short fingers, abnormal nerves, firm tendons or abnormal blood vessels.

(In US $)
Twin Sharing
(In US $)
Knee Replacement
1) Single (Including Implant) 7 Days 8200 6900
2) Double (Including Implant) 14 Days 14700 12500
Hip Replacement
1) Single (Including Implant) Cemented 7 Days 8000 6800
2) Double (Including Implant) 14 Days 14600 12500
3) Hip Resurfacing 7 Days 7800 6200
Shoulder Replacement
1) Single (Including Implant) 7 Days 8200 6500
2) Double (Including Implant) 14 Days 15000 13000
Arthroscopic Surgery
1) Memisectomy 1 Day 3100 2600
2) Shaving of Cartilage 1 Day 2600 2200
3) Anterior Cruciate Ligament 3 Days 4100 3200
1) Cervical (Including implant) 7 Days 10000 8500
2) Lumber (Including implant) 7 Days 10000 8500
3) Bunionectomy 3 Days 4000 3500


  • Prices are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.
  • These are indicative prices only and may vary depending on the conditon of the patient, at the time of admission.
  • Apollo will provide final estimates at the time of patient's admission.
  • Single room is well furnished with Bed, Sofa-cum-Bed for Companion, Cupboard, Medicine Drawer, TV, Telephone and Wi-fi facility for Internet access. Mobile phones are available on request.
  • Stay and food for one Companion with patient in a Single Room is included in the above packages.
  • Services like Mobile, Laundry etc. will be charged extra.
  • Post-stay outside the Hospital is at the personal expense of the patient and is not included in the above prices.
  • 1 US $ = INR 45

Professionalism and quality are the earmarks of Apollo's Hand Correction Centre. Treatment is of high quality with the experienced cosmetic surgeons. offers information on Hand Surgery. Log on to it to get the information about Apollo hospital's best surgeons performing Hand Surgery.

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