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Facial Surgery India

When Narcissist fell in love with his own image by seeing his reflection in the stream he never knew that human technology would develop in leaps and bounds to correct imperfections of human skin, face and even other parts of anatomy and that would make the world full of more perfect beauties. Surgery, generally is correcting a part of the disfunctioning human body. But with the advancement of years, surgery does not just save lives but creates or recreates the beauty of the human anatomy. Facial Surgery can bestow you with a set of beautiful face with no deformities.

Apollo's Facial Surgery Centre
Professionalism and quality are the earmarks of Apollo's Skin Cosmetic Correction Centre. Treatment is of high quality with the experienced cosmetic surgeons.
The services provided for cosmetic facial corrections in Apollo are varied:

  #  Brow lift (forehead lift): The effects of ageing, extremes of weather often show its signs in the forehead area. Medical technology can correct the lines and raises the forehead and eyebrows to create a more pleasant and rested appearance.
  #  Cheek Augmentation: To bolster self-image and improve looks men and women go for cheek augmentation that uses fillers, implants or grafts to contour and angle the cheeks.
Cheek fat removal (buccal fat pad excision): A part of the cheek grooming process plastic surgery is done to remove fat in the lower cheeks to slim and contour the face.
  #  Ear surgery (otoplasty): Often to improve self-image and rebuild confidence one is advised to correct facial deformities through practical facial plastic surgery. Pinning back of prominent ears or reducing and reshaping overly large or malformed ears is a part of ear correction through plastic surgery.
  #  Endoscopic facial surgery: With age, stress of long working hours and extremes of weather men and women often find themselves looking older than they generally are. They are often recommended facelifts, brow lifts and midface lifts. With minimal-incision surgery is performed using tiny cameras and long instruments for brow lifts, facelifts and midface lifts.
  #  Eyelid ptosis surgery: Eyelid correction or eyelid lift is another way to correct drooping eyelids and bestow an attentive appearance improve visual fields. The surgery raises one or both droopy upper eyelids.
  #  Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty): To improve appearance removes excess skin and tissue of the upper and/or lower eyelids.
  #  Eyelid tightening (canthoplasty): Canthoplasty enlists correcting sagging of lower eyelids caused by aging or previous surgery.
  #  Facelift (rhytidectomy): Improves the jaw line and neck and reduces jowls under the cheeks for a more youthful look
  #  Facial implants - Facial implants to have an overall youthful look. Facial implants improves projection, and fullness, facial contours by correcting cheek, chin, jaw, midface and tear trough.
  #  Fat injections (fat transfer): To give an appearance of a full face transplants fat from one area of your body to the face or lips to correct hollowness.
  #  Lip augmentation: For more fuller and appealing lips temporary or permanent injectables or surgery with or without implants can be done by plastic surgery.
  #  Lip lift: Surgically removes a thin strip of upper lip skin to raise the lip and yield the appearance of a fuller lip.
  #  Lip reduction: Reduces the size of the upper and/or lower lip by removing a thin strip of tissue by plastic surgery.
  #  Liposuction - A process of removing through tiny tubes to contour the face and neck. To give shape to the cheek, jowl, chin, and neck.
  #  Midface lift (cheek lift): A surgical raising of the middle of the face/cheek to enhance cheek and under eye fullness and contours.
  #  Neck lift: Another cosmetic correction that removes excess skin to raise the neckline, correct "turkey neck" and improve profile
  #  Neck muscle repair (platysmaplasty): Repairs a separated muscle under the chin and in front of the neck to create a better neckline
  #  Nose surgery (rhinoplasty): Reshaping the nose for a more aesthetically desirable appearance
  #  Revision rhinoplasty: Plastic correction to repairs previous nose surgery to improve contours, projection, support and overall appearance

(In US $)
Twin Sharing
(In US $)
1) Breast Augmentation
   (Including Implants)
1 Days 4700 3900
2) Face Lift (Face and Neck) 1 Days 3000 2250


  • Prices are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.
  • These are indicative prices only and may vary depending on the conditon of the patient, at the time of admission.
  • Apollo will provide final estimates at the time of patient's admission.
  • Single room is well furnished with Bed, Sofa-cum-Bed for Companion, Cupboard, Medicine Drawer, TV, Telephone and Wi-fi facility for Internet access. Mobile phones are available on request.
  • Stay and food for one Companion with patient in a Single Room is included in the above packages.
  • Services like Mobile, Laundry etc. will be charged extra.
  • Post-stay outside the Hospital is at the personal expense of the patient and is not included in the above prices.
  • 1 US $ = INR 45

Apollo Hospital's Facial Surgery provides world-class cosmetic surgeons. offers information on Facial Surgery. Log on to it to get the information about Apollo hospital's best surgeons performing Facial Surgery.

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