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Butt Surgery

Butt Surgeries are becoming famous day by day. It is an essential part of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeries and is considered at one of the toughest and riskiest one.

This is technically known as Augmentation Gluteoplasty and it is a surgical procedure to increase the size and shape of buttocks. Both female and male patients can opt for this surgery.

Butt Surgeries may occur because of a number of reasons:

  • To increase buttocks volume caused by poorly developed muscles.
  • To achieve firmness and definition of buttocks region.
  • To enhance hip curves, particularly when they are narrow.
  • To considerably improve the whole context buttocks-hips.
  • To obtain a mild buttocks lifting effect.
  • To recover a deformity from birth
  • To recover a deformity owned from an accident

    Whether it is a part of life's necessity or a mere dream but it is absolutely necessary for one opting for a Butt Surgery to discuss about the pros and cons of it with the concerned doctor and see that the doctor they are going for is an expert in this kind of surgeries.

    The Butt Surgery:
    Surgeons will make a small incision at the crease of tailbone approaching sub muscular planes, creating bilateral pockets where soft cohesive gel implants will be placed at.

    There are two types of implants to be used: solid and cohesive; The solid one is made out of an elastomer, kind of rubber, not used over here due to their rigid structure which prevents sub-muscular placement. Anatomical designed buttock implants made of soft cohesive silicone gel are the only type of implants to allow a successful final outcome. They are safe, have natural adjusting capacity yet very strong and resistant, they feel natural allowing patients to have a normal life.

    Buttock implants must be placed deep under the muscle where they look, act and feel natural. We have seen many problems from surgeons who do not have adequate training in this procedure, placing implants just under the skin which cannot work long term. Our medical staff has gained vast experience through years of practice in this area. South America gives much importance to good developed buttocks and in this part of the world this procedure has for long been required, i.e. buttocks augmentation is a long tradition surgery for us, not a temporary fashion boom.

    Information about Butt Surgery:

  • Silicone gel implants are used during this surgery.
  • Buttocks augmentation surgery usually takes two to three hours.
  • Immediate post surgery recovery takes 12 days allowing you to return home.
  • A complete recovery period will take a whole month and sometimes even a bit longer.

    Post surgery details:
    Like any other plastic surgery, you are likely to feel discomfort, restlessness and probably somewhat tired of resting on your abdominal region. Muscle contraction is one of the typical signs patients refer when having undergone buttocks augmentation. Your muscles become stretched by implants pushing against them which are interpreted as a strong pressure in buttocks region. Most of your discomfort can be controlled by medication prescribed by your doctor.

    A post-surgery garment must be worn straight after surgery which will help getting rid of inflammatory process as well as helping implants and healing process to settle properly. Post-surgery garment will be recommended during 45 days which is the time needed for implants to become wrapped by capsular tissue.

    Apollo Hospital's Orthopaedic Department is at par to international standards. It treats deformities, injury related conditions and personal grooming requirements. Butt surgeries are quite familiar a business in Apollo Hospitals.

    SPECIALITIES /PROCEDURES Hospital Stay Single Room
    (In US $)
    Twin Sharing
    (In US $)
    1) Breast Augmentation
       (Including Implants)
    1 Days 4700 3900
    2) Face Lift (Face and Neck) 1 Days 3000 2250


    • Prices are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.
    • These are indicative prices only and may vary depending on the conditon of the patient, at the time of admission.
    • Apollo will provide final estimates at the time of patient's admission.
    • Single room is well furnished with Bed, Sofa-cum-Bed for Companion, Cupboard, Medicine Drawer, TV, Telephone and Wi-fi facility for Internet access. Mobile phones are available on request.
    • Stay and food for one Companion with patient in a Single Room is included in the above packages.
    • Services like Mobile, Laundry etc. will be charged extra.
    • Post-stay outside the Hospital is at the personal expense of the patient and is not included in the above prices.
    • 1 US $ = INR 45

    India Profile offers Medical Tourism in India, in association with Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. For more information please enter your query in the form .

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