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Dances of Kerala

Kerala is the cultural tourist destination which offers a range of dance forms. In fact most of the popular dance forms in India have originated from Kerala. Dances in Kerala are famous all over the world.

Folk Dances of Kerala

Kerala has a rich verity of folk dances. The colorful folk dances are often performed in connection with harvests, sowing of seeds, festivals etc. folk dances of Kerala are performed by man alone, some exclusively by women.

There are more than fifty well known folk dances in Kerala . Some popular folk dances in Kerala are:

•  Kaliyattom

•  Mudiettu

•  Kolam thullal

•  Kolkali

•  Poorakkali

•  Valakali

•  Kamapadavukali

•  Kanniyarkali

•  Parichamuttukali

•  Thappukali

•  Kuravarkali

•  Thiruvathirakali.

Modern Dances of Kerala

The modern dance composition Contributes to the already rich heritage of dances in Kerala. They mainly mime the characteristics of tribal, folk and classical type of dances...

The modern dances in Kerala include:

•  Opera

•  Ballet

Tribal Dances of Kerala

There are about 35 different type of the tribal. Chief among them are the Kurichiyar Nayadi, Mullakurumbar, Uralikurumber, Paniya, Mudaga, Irula, Ernadar, Kadar, Muthuvan, Kanikkar, Uralees, Paliyan, Malavedan, Vettuvar, Eravallan, Veda and Malayan. Each of these aboriginal tribes has its own distinct dance traditions.

Classical Dances of Kerala

Classical dances of Kerala , based on the principles and techniques, embodied in the ancient Hindu scriptures and technical texts on dance and allied arts. The earliest of these known scripts is Bharatha's Natya Shastra.

The most important classical dances in Kerala are:

•  Koothu

•  Koodiyatom

•  Patakom

•  Ashtapdiyatoom

•  Krishnanattom

•  Thullal

•  Mohiniyattom

•  Kathakali

Neo - Classical Dances of Kerala

The neoclassical dance of Kerala is a blend of the folk and classical traditions of dances in Kerala . The neoclassical dances not only retained the folk tradition and the classical tradition, but include a distinctive individuality of their own.

With so many varieties of dance forms in Kerala, one can get the hint of the cultural heritage of the place. Dances in Kerala will add an extra flavor to your tours to Kerala. gives you all the information on Kerala Dances and other places in India.

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