India Hotels – Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget

India is continuously growing in the domain of tourism and hospitality. The growth has also resulted in numerous hotels in every city of India ranging from heritage to star rated hotels to economy hotels. Tourism of India focuses on exploration of traditional culture and richness of the country. Along with this, the country also signifies the beauty of unison in diversity. India has encouraged various kinds of tours such as heritage, cultural, adventure, spiritual, honeymoon, spa & Ayurveda, medical tourism and a lot more.

As India has become a sought-after travel destination for travelers all round the globe, there are various hotels available that are acknowledged for providing excellent accommodation facility. The hotels, resorts, guesthouses and inns are backed with modern facilities and exceptional services to ascertain satisfaction to the guests according to their budget and preferences.

Further, to provide a better experience, the management of the hotel upgrades the facilities and services. The accommodation in India is value for money. The types of accommodations available in India are:

Five Star Hotels: These hotels are best known for their ultra-modern facilities and exceptional services. These star-rated hotels are generally owned and managed by some big brands such as Taj, Oberoi, etc. These hotels are mainly available in prime locations where guests from all across the globe visit India to experience its amazing hospitality.

Eco-Friendly Hotels: These hotels are very popular in India as these provide accommodation amidst the beautiful and natural setting of the place. The guests could find these Eco-Friendly hotels in prime locations like hill stations, forest reserves, etc.

Spa & Ayurveda Resorts: For the guests looking for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, India also boasts for its Spa & Ayurveda Resorts. Indian states such as Kerala, Rishikesh, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan are popular for Spa & Ayurveda resorts.

Heritage Hotels: India is a country, which has magnificent history and rich heritage to boast of. Mysore, Rajasthan and Hyderabad are some of the states that exhibit rich heritage of India. The hotels of these states are also designed with all elements that reflect the magnificent heritage of India. Some of the Heritage Hotels were also the palaces of the princes of the states that were later transformed and renovated into heritage hotels.

Budget Hotels: For guests looking for economic accommodation option, there are numerous budget hotels available in all cities of India. These hotels offer affordable stay packages. The rooms are well furnished and equipped with modern facilities and services. Thus, these hotels are perfect accommodation option for guests with different budgetary preferences.

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