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Celebrating Republic Day

Celebrating Republic Day became integral to the life of every Indian since 26 January, 1950 when India was declared a Republic. Marked as a national holiday, Republic Day is when we salute our martyrs who laid their lives for the defense of the country. It is also the day that goes down in history as the day when we embraced our constitution. On Republic Day, 1950, the country was declared a sovereign republic with right to vote for every citizen above 18 years.

We succeeded in over coming all gender inequalities and caste discrimination. In the eyes of the constitution, the largest democracy in the world would be India. The aim was to give up all discrimination of caste, color, and religion and make people equal in the eyes of law and order of independent India. It was a dream of our forefathers and the freedom fighters and especially Mahatma Gandhi.

While Independence Day became the first landmark in modern history of India, the second was the Republic Day.

Celebration of Republic Day
Republic Day in India is different from Independence Day in much sense than just the date. On Independence Day, the nation remembers the national struggle to free ourselves from the British imperialism while on January 26, we assure ourselves of being a secular, sovereign, and democratic nation. The constitution guarantees us some fundamental rights while we have the duty of a citizen to perform.

Over the years, schools, colleges, and other institutions actively participate in commemoration of this significant day. There are rallies, procession, parades, and slogans organized by the social groups. Though it is a national holiday for the Indians, the spirit of celebration is high.

All over the country, Republic Day celebration begins early morning. The cities and administrative capitals have parades and flag hoisting followed by cultural programs. Schools and colleges too have folk dances, patriotic song competitions, and recitations. Organizing blood donation camps and book distribution to the poor students are other ways of celebrating Republic Day in India.

In New Delhi, President of India along with the defense services and other police divisions laid the wreath of honor at the Amar Jyoti Jawan in memory of the soldiers dead at war. National bravery and chivalry awards are presented to the jawans who have fought terrorists at the war front. Highest forms of civilian awards are also given away by the President to the deserving. Aero shows by the army and air force division of the country is an exceptional feature of Republic Day in New Delhi. The crowd looks up the sunny skies to see the aircrafts flown in numbers. The army in bikes forming pyramids displaying their patience, will, speed, and consistency, putting up an extraordinary show.

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