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Gateway of India in Mumbai

Fast facts about Gateway of India in Mumbai

When it was built: 1920
By whom it was built: Government of India
Nature of the building: Gateway

History of Gateway of India in Mumbai

Gateway of India in Mumbai was built in the Indo-saracenic style to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay in 1911. The design of George Wittet was sanctioned by the Indian Government in 1914. The foundations of the project that cost Rs 21 lakh, was complete in 1920. The Viceroy, Earl of Reading inaugurated the gateway in Mumbai on December 4, 1924. However, the approach road to the gateway built from yellow Kharodi basalt and concrete, could not be laid due to alleged lack of funds and thus it stands in an angle on the road that leads to it.

Features of Gateway of India in Mumbai

  -   Though built in the Indo-saracenic style, the gateway imbibes local style of architecture as well as that of the Muslims of Gujarat.
  -   The central dome of Gateway of India in Mumbai, is 48 feet in diameter and 83 feet high at the highest point.
  -   The whole harbour front was relaid so that it would sweep down to the centre of the town.
  -   The gateway has four turrets and is designed with intricate latticework.

Don't Miss in Gateway of India in Mumbai

Don't forget to stop by the statues, one of Chhatrapatin Shivaji and another of Swami Vivekhanda in the Gateway, which were installed later

Trivia on Gateway of India in Mumbai

The First Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry, was the last of the British troops, which left India after its Independence. Incidentally, the troop while retreating, passed through the gate in a ceremony on February 28, 1948 and even the last of the British ships, set sail for England from Gateway of India in Mumbai

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