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Telegraph Memorial

The Telegraph Memorial is a grey pillar located to the north of the British magazine. A distance of about 100 meters separates them. This pillar was erected on 19th April 1902 by the members of the Telegraph Department at the same spot where there was a wooden cabin way back in 1857. The wooden cabin was the place of work of the Telegraph Officers.

At the time of the great Revolt of 1857, two young Britishers William Bendish and I.W.Pilkington showed exemplary courage and remained on duty at the Telegraph Office till they were finally ordered to leave. These loyal and devoted men rendered valuable service by informing the authorities of the developments in Delhi.

They also telegraphed the last signal "We are off" to Ambala and it was from their messages that the officers could gauge how crucial the situation was. On that important day of 11th May 1857, the Britishers could plan their course of action after receiving all these vital pieces of information from them.

The words "The Telegraph Office has saved India" are inscribed on the Memorial. Sir Robert Montgomery also believed that but for the Electric Telegraph Office it would have been even more difficult to save India.

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